Saturday, February 19, 2005

Yes and.....

Well firstly I am still loving my roses although they arent looking quite so brilliant anymore.
Then I am also loving the person that sent them to me....(but still keeping shhhhh about that lil piece of info )

Have finished Miss B's Sophie ...... had to put it through the wash twice before it felted properly.
Have done a couple more rows on other bag ........ not many at all as too much time is being used for study.... who was it that told me studying was good??? They forgot to tell me about all the homework and the fact that I'd have no time to do anything else...... not even food shopping.

But having said that I am loving it..... just finding it a challenge to find some sort of routine that works for me and that lets me fit things in so I dont feel like i am missing out on anything.
Is taking me a whle to readjust is all I guess.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ohhhhhhhh I love roses

Ohhh wow you got to love it when you have been out All day and come home to find a dozen roses on your doorstep. Whoot!!!
What a difference it makes to your day...... especially when the flowers are from the one person you adore.... shall we just say THESE flowers are proudly on display.
NOT hidden behind chairs or books or whatever else is laying around.
ohhhhhh sheeeesh I love this guy....SHHHHHHHH I did NOT just say that. But I do.
But those magic lil words are still waiting to be said. The big question is who is going to say them first???

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Moving along

Have now learnt that anything machine washable EVEN if it is 100% wool will NOT felt.
Kinda knew this from reading other blogs ect but for some unknown reason couldnt quite accept this and decided to believe the woman in spotlight. ARGH. Will follow own judgement in future.
So have had wool from unfeltable thing replaced and is currently sitting in loungeroom just waiting..... but meanwhile........ I have nearly finished another SOPHIE..... just the handles to go. And yes I AM using woolbale so it WILL felt. WHOOT!!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Stupid Stupid Felting

Blah Stupid felting.
I finally made my version of the French market bag. I used cleckheaton country 12 ply, shaped it all how i wanted it, was actually quite impressed with the shaping.
And then DISASTER!!!!!!
I put it in the washing machine and then NOTHING....... it didnt shrink at all.
SO I did it all again...... and then again....... checked it this morning... the washing maching was lined with lovely green fluff....... but no magic had happened.