Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cobblestone hates me

Otherwise known as

'Just because it looks simple doesn't mean I don't have to concentrate'.

Cobblestone is done. Sort of.

Remember the ripping back because the neck was too long?

Yeah um. I ripped back and back and back. Then started again.

Then realised that back where I had ripped back to I had managed to also rip out a decrease row. So all this knitting has been happening on too many stitches.
I tried to fudge it and threw an extra decrease row in.......

But it looks crap.

All puckered and wrinkly.

Guess who gets to rip .......... again.......

Or shove Cobblestone in a corner and knit socks.

Plain stocking stitch socks.

And watch Lucy roll around in the sun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Knitting in the black hole.

Garter stitch scrunches up on itself and no matter how often you measure it, it just doesn't seem to grow.

Until you knit 3 inches past where you should be.

Let's rip and re do. Argh.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pink anyone?

Apart from missing Kit incredibly and not feeling overly motivated to do much without her supervision, I somehow got it into my head that Cobblestone is almost finished and I shouldn't blog until it is done.

This sounded good in my head but really doesn't work when I actually want to blog but Cobblestone still isn't done. So I am blogging and somehow everything I have been knitting is pink.

I wasn't wearing my first pair of Fetchings at the original length, so I ripped back the cast off and extended them. Now I think I may wear them out.

I finished Elbac finally. Ribbing and cables take forever,but the end result is worth it. I love, love, love this scarf.

An example of knitterly logic.

Cobblestone is taking forever to knit, so lets throw in a quick project. Lets make a beanie when I still don't wear beanies I just like making them. Lets ignore the fact that Cobblestone isn't being knit in the time I am knitting a beanie.
I finished the beanie, looked over at Cobblestone and wonder why it is taking so long to be done...........