Monday, July 30, 2007

How long does it take to knit a sleeve?

Thankyou all so much for the Birthday wishes.

Miss B loved the idea that you were all thinking about her and wishing her such a great day.

The kitchen did survive and no the birthday girl did not have to clean up.

Luckily for me she didn't make as much mess as I had been dreading.

As for the title of this post, I have only just finished the second sleeve of the Ribby Pullover.

It took me 2 weeks. Can you tell I really don't enjoy the DPN/ ribbing combination???

Actually it's not that bad once you settle into it and I did have some help in diverting my attention away from the sleeve.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows insisted on being read and......

after seeing it knit up over at Donna's this yarn insisted on coming out to play.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miss B is 14 today!!!

The last couple of years we have bought birthday cakes, but this year Miss B wants to make her own.

She has some idea of decorating it with an Emilystrange theme.
I am not sure what she is envisioning, I just know that it requires green lollies.
Lots and lots of green lollies.

So tonight there will be

1 teenager
1 mixer
1 Oven
1 Cake
& Assorted lollies in my kitchen.

Most of the lollies will be eaten before the cake even makes it into the oven I am sure.

All I know is that she was one happy teenager this morning after opening presents that feed her Emilystrange addiction, and after all that sugar tonight she will be even happier.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ravelry got me.

Just in time to go back to classes I get my Ravelry invite.

I'll be playing as


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ribby Pullover

Here is the start of the Ribby Pullover.

Ok so it's half done and I am already thinking grey wasn't such a good idea colour wise.

It is nice after the brightness of the cleckheaton country silk, but depending on the lighting this looks grey/ muddy brown.

Remind me that it really wouldn't hurt to make myself a jumper in black.

I loved knitting the body in the round. The sleeves not so much.
Ribbing and DPN's is a combination that I can manipulate easily enough. I just don't like to, therefore sleeves progress very slowly.

I am considering buying a small circular to do the other sleeve on.

This is something I probably should avoid; I can envision the different sized sleeves already.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Early morning happenings

Miss B went to her Nanna's last night and so wasn't here for our evening meal. Chicken Schnitzel, mashed potato, corn on the cob , carrot, brocoli, beans and gravy.

Yay! Extra mashed potato for me.

I then spent the night dreaming about eating the extra piece of schnitzel for breakfast.

As those of you with teenagers in your households know, this is a big deal.
There are never leftovers after a meal and if by some miracle there are, they are quickly claimed by the constantly hungry teenager.
(If teenagers don't claim the leftovers, the cats are next in line.)

I got up this morning thinking about schnitzel, put on some socks cause it's cold and started walking out to the kitchen.

I get to the doorway of my bedroom and UGH!!!
Slushy. Wet. Sock.
During the night Lucy somehow picked up on my breakfast plans and decided to let me know she didn't approve.

I am not hungry now, I have odd socks on and Lucy is sleeping with a big grin on her face.

I think I'll go and knit.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I am loving this lot of holidays, just enjoying the break from deadlines and having to be places at certain times.

I have been spending a lot of time doing a lot of not much. Sitting in the sunshine, playing with the cats and guilt free knitting.

Catching up on blog lines and drinking way too many cups of tea.

Shopping for yarn with Tigers, and convincing ourselves that the yarn we bought in the first store doesn't resemble the yarn we bought in the second store in any way.
The fact that both of my purchases were of the same brand means nothing.
Actually it may mean that I end up with knitted items that I can wear together for once. Or not.

Miss B is happy, her cap is done.

Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch and Bitch Nation.
5mm and 6mm needles
Cleckheaton Country 12 ply in Black.

Now that hers is done I am thinking I'd like a black one too. Me who doesn't wear hats. I just want one, same as I want a beret that I wont wear either.

To make Chris happy and show that I do have arms, although most days I could do with a couple of extra ones.......

Cleckheaton Country Silk raglan sleeve roll neck jumper.

Cleckheaton Country Silk 13 balls
Colour Overly bright berry
4mm needles

I added 5cm extra to the length meaning I worked 40cm of the body before starting shaping for the arms.
I am still undecided about how this looks but I love how it feels.
It is comfortable and warm and I'd like another jumper that fits like this but in something not so bright. The sleeves could be about 1cm longer too.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Done...

The Cleckheaton Country Silk roll neck jumper is done.

Finally. All finished.

And I'm still not sure if I like it or not.

It is warm and comfortable, it's just bright. And bitsy.

I am happy to have it done and off the list of WIP's.
I forgot to get Tigers to take a picture for me, hence you only get to see part of it.
In other knitting news, I gave in, I started Miss B's Black Newboy Cap.
C has put in requests for black knits also.
I have put in a request for black yarn to be purchased by someone other than me.
Let's see what happens.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is it holidays yet???

I feel as though the most I have seen of any knitting lately has been to wash a bathtub full of knits and have them sitting all over the house taking their time to dry.

If I am not going to get much knitting time I can at least have some new yarn to look at.
Sock yarn found in Lincraft yesterday in a sneaky visit on the way home.

June's Project Spectrum projects, Irish Hiking Scarf and Mittens.

Both made using cleckheaton Country 12 ply, % balls for the scarf, two for the mittens.

The hat in the middle is the Newsboy cap made in Paton's Jet.
Miss B is trying to claim this. She hasn't succeeded so far so has put in her demand, uh, request for one in black.