Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is it holidays yet???

I feel as though the most I have seen of any knitting lately has been to wash a bathtub full of knits and have them sitting all over the house taking their time to dry.

If I am not going to get much knitting time I can at least have some new yarn to look at.
Sock yarn found in Lincraft yesterday in a sneaky visit on the way home.

June's Project Spectrum projects, Irish Hiking Scarf and Mittens.

Both made using cleckheaton Country 12 ply, % balls for the scarf, two for the mittens.

The hat in the middle is the Newsboy cap made in Paton's Jet.
Miss B is trying to claim this. She hasn't succeeded so far so has put in her demand, uh, request for one in black.


Diane said...

What colorful sock yarn!Your irish hiking scarf look wonderful.

2paw said...

Lovely sock wool and beautiful scarf and hat!!!! I'm about to wash some woollens and I'm not looking forward to it.......

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Of course the scarf and mittens are lovely, and I perfectly understand why Miss B believes that she and a Newsboy Cap are Destiny, but why oh why did you have to tell me that you got sock yarn at L*craft?? The nearest store is about 610kms away, over land AND sea! I'll just have to survive on my stash, a couple of yarn shops within half an hour's drive, the Big Red Spot, and a variety of online purchase enablers.... ( I only have enough money for option #1, the stash, so who am I kidding anyway???)
Thanks for the pretty pics :)

chocolatetrudi said...

Oooh, lovely scarf and... is that a brim on that hat? How cool!

Sock yarn in Lindcraft eh? Do they have solid colours?

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Am looking forward to what you make out of the sock yarn. Make sure that Miss B doesn't take your FOs from you!

Frances said...

Great cap - my Mum's been experimenting with caps but nothing that good. Love the scarf, you should come to Ktog & see Roxanne's beautiful cabled scarf she's working on. Look forward to seeing you & Miss B if you can make it during the hols.