Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On Knitting Gloves in the round

I love it, it gets rid of the giant, huge, monstrous seam down the side. Can you tell I don't like seaming???
What I don't like is remembering to convert every second line of the pattern seeing as it was written to be knit flat.
Not that it's really hard, because it's not. Just distracting to try and remember while you are watching TV.
You look up at the next add break and realize you have been following the pattern for flat knitting again and have to rip back...... again.
I ended up writing out the pattern for in the round on paper instead so I could just knit and not have to really think. Much better and the glove is now looking like it should. Now I just need to add some fingers and a thumb and try not to leave any gaps between the fingers.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This is Lucy, the one who always insists on sitting on my knitting and just can't seem to understand why I don't want her fur on everything.
And this yumminess is a Christmas present I recieved from Miss B's Nanna.
100 gm of Boucle Random in shade 591 from
The only question I have now is what am I going to make with this?

Monday, December 26, 2005

After Christmas Blahs

After all the mad rushing around shopping, buying presents, wrapping presents, exchanging presents, catching up with my family and C's family this week I woke up this morning feeling a bit flat. Nothing wrong, just blah. I finally have a couple of days to myself which I had been looking forward to for weeks, now that it's here I find I can't settle to anything for very long. I got this out.
And started knitting this. Another pair of orange socks for Miss B. Perhaps ankle socks this time as I really don't think I can face a full pair in orange.

Then I spent some time keeping Kit company and reading blogs. Mary and Bliss both blog about their pets and definately cheered me up with their pets crazy antics, thanks so much. I just love Bunny's little jammies they are precious. And hide and seek with Mary's little sooky cat Ali. I mean sook in a good way, in that Ali is just so cuddly she couldn't get any closer to Mary if she tried. If I didn't already have Kit and Lucy I might be tempted to run off with Ali. Here is my sleepy Kit.

I pulled out a glove that has been waiting to be sewn up properly for months. It was knit on two needles and there is way too much sewing left to be done for my liking.
I didn't sew it up but made a start on the second one. This time using dpn's to save on the sewing at the end.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve already???

Yes, yes, yes, Grumperina these socks can definately go in your gallery. I love them. I love them so much I even put them on in yesterdays ridiculous heat for a photo. If it wasn't so hot I would have left them on they are so nice and comfy. I am very tempted to make more.Check back after the christmas break.

This is the big ball of yarn I was left with after frogging the pink jumper. Thats 3 balls of lincraft poodle, 83% mohair, 17% acrylic all rolled up there. My hands and wrists were sore after unraveling and I now understand what ball winders are for. Can I add one to next years x mas wishlist???

Miss B's secret traveling project socks. Ok so they are no longer the secret traveling project as Miss B barged into my room at 6 am the other morning while I was knitting and saw them. She immediately got all excited and knew they were for her. She is the only one crazy enough to want such brightly coloured socks. She was even more impressed that I had been knitting them secretly for the last ten weeks on the bus to tafe so she couldn't see them. The only problem with this is the bus ride to tafe isn't long enough to get much knitting done hence the secret knitting in my room and her discovering them.

And here is my little christmas corner on top of the yarn drawers. Seems it's a perfect place for the cats to sit aswell.

click the link for your chritmas card from me :)

If it doesn't work just copy and paste it to your browser.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Jaywalkers Done

They were done last week but I needed a picture. Here you go Cara, picture proof they are all done. I love them. They are so soft. Now I just have to wait till it cools down enough to wear them.
Patonyle yarn in discontinued colour, knit on 2.5 mm addi.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

38c or 100 f = HOT!!!

Either way yesterday was way too hot to look at knittning. Instead it was spent shopping (airconditioned shops) and wrapping a gazillion presents. Wrapping, wrapping and more wrapping.
Then a visit with my Mum to exchange presents.
After worrying needlessly about wether she would like what we bought for her, she likes it so much she ripped the box open instead of opening it like anyone else would. Was begining to wonder who the child was....... Miss B or my Mum. At least we know she liked it.
We also went to the beach for a couple of hours to walk along the sand and cool down. All I needed was a camera to be able to take pictures of it all. Soon. Very soon I will give in and just go buy a digital camera and then the blog will be smothered with way too many pictures.

Now there is a pile of christmas paper all over the lounge floor to be thrown out and some more wrapping and sending to happen.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Frogging is fun!!

But only when you know what you are working on really isn't working out. That's what happened with the pink jumper. The back of the pink jumper , that's as far as I ever got and it has been sitting around for two years. I started working on it today, decided to stop and measure it. Crap 7 cm out. Add that to the 7cm out the front would have been and it would have been a sleeping bag, not a jumper. No way that would have been wearable, although the cats would have loved to claim it as a kitty bed.
So serious frogging happened and I now have a large ball of yarn sitting on the coffee table and a decision to make.

Do I restart the jumper or let the startitis that I've been fighting take over?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

About the green sock

It is done, finally. It was the first pair of socks I ever started. I had finished the first one and then done the leg of the second before I ran out of yarn and left it for months.

Can I tell you just how ugly these socks are? They are green. Green is ok but not this green . They are acrylic .100% acrylic.
They are long, up to my knees. They are ribbed with a 4,3 rib.
I have ladders between every plain and purl and yet from purl to plain it is fine. I have no idea why........ a tension issue perhaps???

The only reason I finished these socks is that I like to keep them as a reminder of how much better my sock knitting has become.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Jaywalkers are done!!!

I love these socks. They are done and I want more of them. Lots, lots more. Unfortunately I have no more yarn suitable for this pattern. Yarn shopping anyone???

Ok Ok maybe I do, but the shopping bit sounded like fun. Time to raid the yarn stash and see what I come up with.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Continuing Jaywalkers

Yes I know it's the same pic as before but it's where I am up to on the second sock now. So just imagine a completed sock placed next to this one and thats what I have.

And imagine my eyes skipping from project to project amongst all the wip around the house trying to figure what I should work on next while the whole time I am really wanting to start something new.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

All done

Assignments are all done that is. Finally, all done!!! Untill next year anyway.
This means hopefully some more knitting time and more importantly some jaywalker knitting time. I am almost up to the heel on the second sock. Then I have to figure out if I have any other yarn that is suitable for this pattern. Would yarns printed to knit up in fair isle patterns work ? Are there enough stripes in between to be able to get away with it or will it just look a jumbled mess?

Teresa was kind enough to e mail and let me know she couldn't add a comment. I have changed my settings now, so feel free to say hi.
Yes that includes you Col.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Firstly we have pics of the finished fuzzy feet. They are probably about a cm too long, but compared to the unfelted 45cm that they were I can live with that. Miss B is still waiting for a pair for herself.

Secondly we have completed blue/brown stripy socks. These were the first socks I ever made using my addi turbo and they went so fast. There is definitely more brown in this than I would have liked, but there is still something about them that makes me like them.
Third is one patonyle self striping sock for Miss B . Sshhhhh It's a surprise. These socks are sooooooooo bright, I'm really not sure about the colours but I think she will like them and the Patonyle is softer than I would have thought. The only problem is sneaking in any knitting time on these so she doesn't see me making them.
And of course the Jaywalker. This one actually got finished last night and I am about to start it's mate. I love this so much, I am also loving the yarn. Also Patonyle but unfortunately it is a discontinued colour. I will have one ball left over after finishing these socks and am wondering if I could get away with using it for the top of a pair of socks with a solid colour for the foot. Something to think about for now.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Slow socks

Jaywalker's are growing so slowly still. I'm not sure why this is as everyone else's Jaywalkers seem to be flying along.
The pooling has stopped and the sock is looking very pretty. Maybe that's why it's not growing....... I keep looking at it instead of knitting it.
It's also the fact that after having tried the sock on, I have found that everyone is right, the sock is a tight fitting sock......DUH! It will still fit but not with as much give as I am used to my socks having. If I were to make another pair I would definately make the larger size. I am dreading the thought that Miss B may realistically be able to claim these socks as her own.
I really don't think Grumperina's plan when making these socks was for the finished product to be used to slide across wooden floors.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knitting continued

Cara over at January One has added me to the Jaywalker kal. The Jaywalker socks are growing, just very slowly. Something to do with assignments being due. I am up to the gusset decreases and I'm not sure if I like the pooling that seems to have appeared. I am hoping it will look better once I get further into the foot.

I have finished the blue/brown self striping socks and Miss B is now loudly saying she wants me to actually knit something for her. She wants socks and she wants them now!!! What she doesn't know is that I already planned on making some for her but am trying to hide them from her. I want it to be a surprise.

Bliss over at
I Hide Yarn is having a birthday so go over and say Hiya. And Bliss, Miss B and I have a little something here for you. E mail me with a snail mail addy.

After me telling Miss B about Yarnharlot's entry with her daughter using dpn's, Miss B decided she wanted to try them.
Not a complete success but not as totally unco-ordinated as I was with them at first either.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Your Aura is Purple

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What Color Is Your Aura? Take This Quiz :-)
Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

Ummm yep this is what I do when I should be typing up an assignment. Pleasant quiz diversion tactics. That and knit. And keep reading over my information , but somehow not seem to take any of it in. Blah

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Jaywalkers ressurected

The Jaywalkers have been restarted, this time using patonyle in colour 4305. This is giving the zig zag effect a much better result. It's still rather short colour repeats but definately long enough to show the pattern.

Jo has convinced me to join the Jaywalker kal . She has just started some socks herself and will be knitting the Jaywalkers later.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A frogging expedition.

Yep those Jaywalker socks I spent an incredibly ridiculous amount of time casting on for, knitted the ribbing, knitted about 5 repeats and it just wasn't right. The yarn wasn't right for the pattern. The yarn is definitely variegated, but a little too much so. No lovely zigzag stripping happening here, just mottled splodges of colour that looked a lot nicer in the ribbing than in the pattern.
So it all got frogged. C looked on horrified at first, he hasn't ever seen me deliberately undo knitting before. Then he wanted to undo it. Watching him pull the sock undone was like watching a little kid, he liked frogging. I finished winding up the yarn and C turns around and says "Can you knit something else I can undo? Can I undo that other sock you have half done in the loungeroom?"

What the????

Shall we just say man bits were seriously threatened and half done socks are safe.

Friday, November 25, 2005

40 minutes

Is how long it took me to cast on and knit ONE row!
I was casting on for a pair of Jaywalker socks on the addi and it just really didn't want to happen. I seem to be casting on extremely tight and therefore totally struggle with the first row.
Having now knit the first twelve rows of rib it seems that it would be totally possible to knit a pair of ribbed socks on the addi after all. Unfortunately ribbing and my hands don't like each other. My hands are already so sore I don't think much more knitting will get done today.
I did manage to knit the first pattern repeat and totally stuff it up, seems I cant count at 6am for some reason.

Donna suggested I join the sock it to me summer kal so yep I have and the Jaywalker socks will be the first ones to be a part of this if I can remember how to count.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The benefits of feeling crappy

Are that you get to spend some time reading. Yes feeling too crappy to knit, argh. Not really getting much reading done either, mainly just flicking through pages and not really understanding much. Might have something to do with the fact that the book is about creating webpages with HTML.

After taking months to figure out how to add stuff here because I was too stuborn to ask anyone and wanted to figure it out myself, but not thinking to get a book. I decided I wanted to be able to understand what the little code thingy's I was typing in were actually for.
This alternated with Monste Stanley's handknitters handbook and a book on Roman Mythology. No wonder I'm not understanding anything!

Another bonus are the kitty cuddles. And if I push it Miss B might even get me a cup of tea.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Fuzzy Feet Felted

The Fuzzy Feet are all finished and felted, and they fit !!! All my worrying was for nothing. I just have an impatient Miss B wondering when I am going to be making some for her.

I have been using my new addi whenever I have had a chance over the weekend which has made the blue/brown sock grow rather rapidly. Now that it is longer it is much easier to move about so perhaps a ribbed sock would be managable on the addi.

I forgot to mention how wonderful the store I got my addi's from was. I had sent extra money to cover postage which it turned out wasn't needed. They were lovely and returned the extra money with my order. Yay for honesty. I will definately be ordering more addi's from them.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

On abandoning all current ufo's

Sorry but a state of startitis seems to be happening here. It's all the addi's fault. The new 30cm circular and the sock yarn I bought from the craft fair got together and as a result all other projects are sitting and glaring at me in disgust. I may end up feeling guilty and knit a bit of something else later tonight but not promising anything for now.

I'm still not sure if knitting socks on the circ is that much easier than dpn's as the ribbing makes it all tight and doesn't leave much room to move with, but once I got to the plain part of the sock things moved much more freely. I still have to shuffle the sock around more often than I'd really like but I'm getting used to it slowly. I probably wouldn't want to do any ribbed socks this way, but for plain socks using self striping yarns it's great. Definately more travel friendly too without the million needle ends sticking out you get with dpn's.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

What the boss does on his day off

Yep he sends me more pictures of my knitting. :)

Firstly we have a completed fuzzy foot along with a normal sized sock to show just how huge the fuzzy foot really is.

Then we have C's beanie which he sometimes sleeps in.... it isn't cold here, guess he likes it.

Next is the pair of huge gigantic fuzzy feet that were so big they really didn't want to fit in the picture.

Now for the scarey part....... felting.
Will they felt enough and become smalll enough to actually wear? Or will they become oversized, weird cat toys?

I spent some time showing Col how to use power point, he has now learnt how to apply music throughout his slideshow and set the timings on each slide............. no more clicking each slide for him!
If only he was as quick a learner when needles and yarn are involved.

Once I got home there was a nice lil envelope waiting for me. My Addi needles had arrived, my 30 cm Addi's that every yarn store I called in Adelaide said " 30 cm circulars? Nope they don't exist." Guess who will be taking her Addi's to yarn stores to prove them wrong.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nice Boss Person

Thanks to a nice boss person who sent them to me, hiya Col, I actually have pictures of the white cozy wool socks and the retro ribby socks.Yay for nice bosses.
Col, you seriously need to hurry up and take up those knitting lessons. Because only then will you understand when I call and say " I can't come in today I need to knit."
And hiya Ann who was lovely and took the pictures for me. Pssssssst I need pics of those purple socks and purple fuzzy feet too. Oh and one of Col really trying to knit. :P

Monday, November 14, 2005

Giant Feet

That's what it looks like I have if you were to look at the one completed fuzzy foot. It's Huge!!! I am really tempted to just felt this one on it's own and see how small it felts down to. But if I do that the other one will never felt to the same point and I'll have odd fuzzy feet.
I have made fuzzy feet before and I don't remember them being this big. I guess I'll just knit the other one and see.

Other crazy stuff..... all the stuff in my sidebar seems to have disappeared on me. I'm not sure what happened there.

And no I didn't catch any fish with my knitting, but Miss B did manage to catch a little one that had to be thrown back. She was still happy as no one else caught any at all.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Finished Objects All Over The Place

Yep finally, the retro ribby socks are done. So are the white cozy wool socks and C's beanie.
I have even started the fuzzy feet. C, Miss B and I went fishing.Actually Miss B and C went fishing and I went knitting. I have knitted the first three inches, the heel flap, picked up the stitches and then decreased for the gusset and just have the foot and toe to go. And then the other one. I am using a raspberry coloured yarn called cozywool by lincraft, and 7mm dpn's. Will just have to wait and see how they turn out.
I haven't even finished them yet and Miss B has put an order in for herself.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I found another woman at Tafe that knits. It has only taken me a year. Perhaps together we can convert the others, hand out needles and yarn at the start of classes. Surely it would be more benificial than keyboard skills and essays??

Monday, November 07, 2005

Do Australians Knit?

Apparently not according to how many stalls were allocated to knitting at the craft fair.
5 stalls. That's it. 5
Actually one of those was for crotchet.
One was for machine knitting.
One was a display by the handknitters guild.
One was a display by the spinners guild.
And there was only one measly little stall where you could actually buy yarn.
All the other gazillion stalls had either fabric or sewing machines or both.

Admittedly it was a Quilting and craft fair but sheeeeeeesh. That's just pathetic.
One lonely little yarn stall that offered very little in real yarn. Lots of novelty crap. If I am going to buy novelty crap I will go to Go Lo and buy it for 50 cents a ball, not $15.
But the one redeeming feature of this lonely stall was the needles. They sold Addi's. Yep Addi's. Whoot! I have finally seen an Addi in real life and not just in peoples blog pictures. Guess what....... That sneaky little Addi followed me home along with a ball of sock yarn.

Even better, the lonely little stall has a store in Australia where I can order more needles and pay by money order. Yep I am one of those strange people who as much as I love my internet I am not going to be putting any account details out there. So off to the post office to get me a money order I go.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Progress of sorts

The Retro Ribby Sock, see it's growing. It would actually grow quicker if I picked it up and knit it instead of just looking at it from accross the room. It is further along than the picture shows as I have done the gusset and part of the foot.

The other thing I seem to keep just looking at and not working on are fuzzy feet. I have the yarn, the pattern and the needles. But that is as far as I have gotten this week.
Hopefully some knitting will get done over the weekend although there are some fun distractions happening.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

For a Boss who supposedly doesn't want to knit...

These are some pics Col sent me aswell as an e mail asking for a little help.......

I am trying to knit some undies for my wife but need a few lessons, can you help me, I was able to knit the string part of the g string and then got stuck.....
Regards the phantom closet knitter..

So does anyone have a knitted g string pattern???

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

About My Mum

My Mum has always knitted for as long as I remember , it was her who taught me to knit.
My Mum knits beautifully and so damn quickly.
I remember the cabled jumpers my dad wore and the reindeer jumpers she made for my brother and I. The school jumpers she made for us. For some reason I don't remember hats or scarves though.
I remember the pattern she couldn't read as it wasn't in English. It was a jumper made from wrist to wrist in two pieces, just a front and a back with no separate sleeves. It had a parrot ( or some bird) that went right across the jumper and around. She couldn't understand the pattern at all and still made the jumper just from the pictures. That jumper is amazing.

When I first tried making a sock my Mum said " Why on earth would you want to make a sock? " I told her I just wanted to see if I could. I wanted to see if I could understand the pattern. My first pair of socks is still unfinished as I finished one and then did most of the leg of the second and ran out of yarn. But I was happy, I could make a sock.
So when Mum saw the Retro Ribby Sock that I am working on I wasn't expecting much of a reaction...It's a sock.......
But Mum loved it. She loved the pattern, she loved the yarn I was using,
she was actually excited about something I was making. (At this point I started pinching myself cause I must have been dreaming)
Mum and I discussed what other yarn she would be able to use to make some.
It turns out she has some BlueBell yarn that should be ok for her to substitute. White Blue Bell yarn that has been sitting in the cupboard from the last baby cardigan she made.23 Years ago. She has yarn that has been sitting there for 23 years.
After 23 years, surely it must fall apart when you pick it up. I asked her if it's still any good after all that time, she says it's fine.

Anyway she sat down to start making herself some Retro Ribby Socks....... got out her yarn, her dpn's. Then she read the label on her yarn and found that as it is so ancient it will need to be handwashed. ( her words).
So she decided she isn't going to be bothered to handwash her socks and didn't make them after all.

Is it really that hard to handwash one pair of socks????
Isn't the specialness of wearing handknit socks worth the handwashing?
She could just buy some other yarn that is machine washable.......
Blah I do not understand my Mum.

So this brings up a question.......... What is the oldest yarn in your stash and how long have you had it for?

Ok two questions......... Are handknit socks worth handwashing for?

Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday morning.....

Well I was unable to discover if Kit actually liked vodka or not.......... will save that experiment for another time when I can actually be bothered getting out the vodka and glass ect.
As strange as it may seem Monday morning here is actually quite peaceful as Miss B and I are all worn out from dealing with yesterday. I have a week in which Miss B should now behave like what resembles a normal human being. I have a week in which to find new tactics or get better at ignoring certain behaviour. Suggestions are definately welcome, even if they include big boxes and posting her far far away, with no return address.

As much as Miss B wasn't nice yesterday the yarn definately was. The frogpond socks are definately behaving very nicely now.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

When children behave so badly

You want to go and read spam to escape them.

Ok so I want to other things too like scream and stamp and jump up and down and cause as much pain as I am feeling.

Miss B is fine during the week....... but as soon as the weekend hits..... WATCH OUT!!!!
For the last 5 or 6 weekends this extreme behaviour change has been happening and it is driving me nuts.
Todays come back was......... " well if you don't like it so much why don't you send me to my Dad's?"

Finally we get to what is behind the behaviour.
Ok so maybe not even whats behind the behaviour but what it is that she actually wants

Crap if only it was that easy.
I would happily send her there. After putting up with and trying to live with her behaviour I could even be tempted to leave her there for a while. And maybe move while she is there. Ok maybe not.

Problem is he doesn't want her there.


Problem is I only have so much sympathy and can only put up with so much bad behaviour.


Problem is she needs to accept that he isn't the Dad she wants and no one can make him.




I need some yarn and chocolate and some vodka sounds like a really good idea about now. I wonder if Kit likes vodka..........

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Kit has a weird relationship with Donna's twinkie that Donna doesn't yet know about. Before you get too worried Twinkie is a bunnny.This relationship has evolved without the two having ever met and over the distance of several states.
Kit seems to know when there is a picture of twinke on Donna's blog and races in to jump up on the desk and walk back and forth over the keyboard and sniff the monitor. Then she will just sit and stare. Oh ok I'll tell........ I call her in so she can see Twinkie. But Kit really is fascinated.......I'm just not sure wether it's with Twinkies ears or with Twinkies dandelions....

Friday, October 28, 2005

When your boss finds your blog

Yep..... that would be you Col. It feels kind of weird. He now knows just how totaly obsessed with yarn and knitting I really am.
What he doesn't ( or didn't) realise is that this obsesiveness is contageous. I have passed it on to his wife!!! He he he.
But knowing that your boss went through and read EVERY archive and post you have ever written....... and they are not a knitter......... well that just makes THEM weird.
Or maybe it means they secretly want to learn to knit??? Col, do you want knitting lessons? Just leave me a note in the comments. I won't tell anyone....... I promise!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When whole posts dissapear.....

Crap! Crap! Crap!!!!!
Lets just put the kettle on and start again shall we???

Ok I have a cup of tea and some Lindt chocolate.

Let's just say Donna has been brilliant and spent way more time and energy than I ever expected to photagraph all her needles for me. Go on, go and have a look. She makes all my affordable, easily accessable Birch and Pony needles look rather boring after seeing her fabulous Lisa G's. Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh she is also the queen of circulars. I have never seen so many circulars. My LYS doesn't even have that many circulars I'm sure.Donna has an astounding amount of needles, an enormous amount, a huge amount. An amount that means I can happily and free of guilt continue buying more needles. LOL
I think Donna's house is really a secret yarn shop. I just have to figure a way to teleport myself accross a couple of states so I can go and play with all the pretty needles.

Katie has also promised to Flash her needle stash in the near future so keep an eye out for that. I can't wait.

I have jumped on the Crazy Aunt Purl bandwagon and will be making some fuzzy feet too. They have been sitting on the sidebar long enough and they are something simple to work on in between Tafe assignments. Who knows I might actually finish these. So many projects.. such a short attention span..

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On storing pliers and walking with boyfriends.

Doing both of these things are very dangerous and can prove to be hazardous to your health!

Firstly pliers that have been stored under the coffee table for three weeks should probably stay there. Under the coffee table is a fine home for them, even if the cats do like to play with them a lil. Because as soon as you actually put them away in the box on top of your wardrobe they will insist on jumping out at you and stabbing you in the head. OUCH!!!

Secondly walking along with your boyfriend and playing silly games of being dragged along quicker than you can actually walk every couple of steps isn't such a good idea when the footpath you are walking on isn't exactly level. Lets just say it involves falling splat, twisting an ankle, bashing a knee and somehow also hitting both elbows in the middle of the street. OUCH!!!

I think it's time to cuddle up on the couch with some nice friendly yarn and some chocolate.

Monday, October 24, 2005

When Homework Gets In The Way .....

Not much knitting gets done. Not much of anything fun gets to happen which is why I have been bugging some poor bloggers in their comments to post pictures of their needle stashes. Yes I want a distraction from homework and I am just totally nosy.I realise most bloggers have better things to blog about than their knitting needles, it's just that I am fascinated with the array of needles I have been able to find myself and want to see what others have found. Donna is really nice and has promised to post a pic/ entertain me later in the week. Whoot for homework distraction!!! YAY thankyou Donna.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

On Frogpond Escapability

Why is it that some projects don't even make it to the frogpond?

Some projects you drop a stitch, pick it up and continue on your way no frogpond nessessary.

Some projects require a bit more repair and might stay in the frogpond overnight, just until you can face the repair work in the light of day.

But other projects seem to just live in the frogpond. The projects that you are too scared to even let out of the frogpond for fear you will some how instantly do something that requires an immediate return to the frogpond.

For me this project is the Retro Ribby Sock. Don't ask why as it isn't a complicated pattern. Its just one I need to concentrate on and as soon as I get even slightly distracted I loose count, drop stitches and other unknitterly behaviour happens.( insert swearing and much stomping and glaring at misbehaving project)
So yes I have been working on the RRS but am leaving it in frogpond status on the sidebar. So one day you will come along and RRS will be a completed project without ever having had a progress bar to follow or even officially leaving it's home in the pond.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Trendy Sheep huh?

After looking at my quiz result of trendy sheep I kind of went nope thats not me. Ok so yes there are times I do knit what others are knitting because I have been inspired by pictures on blogs ect. But then I also knit what I want in whatever colour or yarn I want, even if everyone else around me totally hates it.
The fact that I knit at all is definately not a sheep following behaviour around here. Very few people that I spend time with actually knit. All of one other person really. ( Hiya Ann)
So if you could see the looks and stares I get when knitting at Tafe you would see how unsheeply my behaviour is.I haven't seen another person knit at Tafe at all. Actually what is really funny are the looks and strange comments I get when I decide to knit socks at Tafe. The comments are strange in that they aren't really even comments... people just have no idea what to say when you tell them you are knitting socks.

Socks, why on earth would anyone want to knit socks?? You can see the question on peoples faces. Yes it's the same question I thought originally. So I can totally relate to their total unability to comprehend. I vaguely explain it's one of those things that they just wont ever understand untill they wear a pair of handknit socks. That after wearing handknit socks the store bought ones just aren't the same. It is something that only sock knitters will ever understand fully and that no I am NOT going to be making them handknit socks .
These people may never understand the joys of handknit socks and to be totally honest it doesn't bother me, it leaves more sock yarn for me.He he he.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Knitting Needles

How many knitting needles can one knitter need?

I started off with only one pair of 4mm needles.
Then Great Grandma passed on her bag of needles as she no longer knits due to failing eyesight. In this bage were several sets of double pointed needles and a lot of plastic needles in smaller sizes, 2.25mm and 3 mm mainly. I held onto this bag for years with the majority of the needles sitting there unused. This was until I discovered beanies. Miss B wanted a purple beanie and the pattern suggested 3.25mm and 4mm double pointed needles. I went to Great Grandmas knitting bag and both sizes were there.
WOW!!! I finally understood what those crazy needles with no ends were for. But damn they were soooooo awkward. Knitting that beanie drove me crazy. I then discovered the joy of the circular needle. The next beanie was so much quicker to knit simply because I wasn't constantly worried about dropping a needle in the middle of a round. Then came the socks, I needed smaller dpns for them , and then the market bag, a large circular, then the fuzzy feet....large dpn's ect.......
Basically the needle collection has just grown and grown due to project and tension needs as I'm sure most knitters has. But then I have another issue known here as Miss B.
Miss B likes to "borrow" needles for her own lil projects, but somehow they conveniently end up lost or one needle ends up broken....... she likes to sleep with her knitting.....don't ask.
To counteract this problem I constantly raid second hand shops for cheap needles that I am prepared to let Miss B run off with. This has caused a problem in itself as having done this I find I am quite often prefering to use needles that have been previously owned by other knitters than needles I have bought new. So now the second hand shop raiding is for me aswell. I am loving the variety of needles I am finding. I love using great grandma's needles as it makes me feel closer to her , but I'm really not sure why I love the other needles. Is it strange that I love the pre loved needles???

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sheepy Stuff

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by

Some Pictures

This is my new home for the stash
The market bag with swirls.
Ok so they are crappy pictures taken on a phone camera but hey.................

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Market Bag Done!!!!

Finally!! This bag is all knit up, sewn up and felted. And I love it. All it needs now is to dry.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back on track...

The Market Bag is back on track with the colours in the right place this time. Only a couple of more rows to do on the colour work and then my problem will be how do I want the handles. I could just follow the pattern but I'm not sure that is how I want them. I am thinking perhaps a bit longer.
But then this may turn out to be a yarn storage bag in which shorter handles would be fine.

Miss B and I finally made some stitch markers. During the process I managed to drop a tray of beads on the floor and they went everywhere. All in the grooves between the floorboards, all over the floor, under the coffee table. Perhaps beading should be done at the kitchen table in future.
So I picked up as many as I could and then had to sweep up the rest along with some cat fur and fluff. It doesnt matter how often you sweep there is always cat fur and fluff in between the floorboards. I put those ones in a ziplock bag to possibly be rescued from cat fur at a later date and just used some other beads.

By the time I had done that I had lost interest in making stitchmarkers right then, but I had promised Miss B so I ended up finishing a set I had started previously and made another set but this time of 4. The beads I was working with didn't seem to be able to thread onto the wire sticks, the holes were to small. Just wasn't working for me so I decided to leave beading till another time.

Miss B had a ball though, laughing at me picking up all the beads and fighting with the cat for them. She made her markers and they are really cute. She has made each marker totally unique. I think another trip to the beads store may be in the plans next week.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Frogging is all I seem to be doing lately. The market bag is once again frogged and is now a lovely tangled mess on the couch. I really can't move it till I re knit those rows I messed up before. This time I just have to make sure I am doing it right.

I had a little knitterly distraction yesterday via a visit to Needle Nook. Their yarn is gorgeous. The Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in paper rose just jumped into my bag along with the Sirdar sock yarn and the other ball of Debbie Bliss Aran to match the one I had left from making the lace scarf.
I am thinking about making some fingerless gloves or maybe mittens to go with my scarf.

C's Beanie grew a little on the bus ride yesterday. The k1, p1 rib on a circ is perfect for travel knitting. Unfortunately I can only knit for a while before I start to feel nausious. I envy those that don't suffer from travel sickness all their travel time knitting. At least I get waiting at bus stop knitting time :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Escaping from the frogpond

The retro ribby sock has almost escaped from the frogpond. The 3 rows I did the other day that looked wrong......... they were wrong. I was somehow reading row 1 from the right section and row 2 from another section of the pattern, no wonder it wasn't working. So yes they were ripped and re knit. Only 6 rows or so have been knit so I'm not quite ready to say that these are totally out of the frogpond just yet as I seem to be stuffing them up so easily. And yet its really not a hard pattern. I just keep loosing count.

C's Brown Beanie has been reincarnated after all. It is about 4 cm of k1,p1 rib at the moment but is definately looking much more user friendly that what I was trying to make previously.

Miss B's Blue Jumper has grown too, is almost to the armhole decreases on the back.

The Market Bag is exactly where I left it on the floor in disgust when I discovered my mix up with the colours. I am dreading having to rip back those two rows with all those stitch markers every 10 stitches. Yep I was using stitch markers and still managed to stuff up. So much for my one mistake thing.

Speaking of stitch markers I need some more. There are 20 of them on the market bag at the moment and I am all out. Yes I know , having 20 stitch markers seemed like a lot till they are all taken up by one project. I went to spotlight earlier in the week and bought the rings and wires so this afternoon should be a good time for Miss B and I to get a lil creative. I am hoping that with some pretty stitch markers Miss B will have a lil more interest in her knitting. Or maybe just an interest in earning more pocket money to buy more bead - y stuff. I'll be happy either way as long as it's an interest other than playstation.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Where did the productivity go?

I have no idea because everything I seem to knit now is being frogged for one reason or another. I was working on the market bag and doing the colourwork but for some reason where it was meant to be red I did white and vise versa, so it needs to be frogged again.
I looked at the retro ribby sock and it looked back after 3 rows and I can't tell if it look right or if its just wishful thinking on my part but at the moment it isn't holding my interest.
With c's beanie, neither of us was happy with how it was looking so it got frogged. Now I'm not so happy with C so it may not be reincarnated any time soon.
C doesn't want me to be there when he goes out for his birthday with his friends........ kind makes me feel like he doesn't want me around at all if he doesnt want me there for something like his birthday. I haven't decided how I want to react to this at the moment. part of me wants to walk away and make it easy for him.... let him have his freedom if its what he really wants. And part of me just can't believe he doesnt want me there, why be with me for a year if I just don't matter???

Friday, September 30, 2005

Weird Yarn Acquisition

Yesterday I acquired some yarn........

But it's all rather weird.

Weird in the way that each ball consists of three or four small leftover balls and wound up together. Each ball is different colours than the others. So I have about ten or twelve multicoloured balls of yarn that would probably work out to about a 12ply or maybe even 16 ply to knit up.

What to do with this multicouloured randomness???
None of the balls particularly appeals on their own, but when all put together they look good in a rather strange way. So maybe something that incorporates all of them.
Random squares? Random crochet?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sewing = Scaring People

Sewing........ umm me sew. Yes it's rather amusing.

Firstly I scared the lady in Spotlight as I bought fabric and not yarn.
Secondly I scared Miss B by running off with the extention cord that is normally reserved for playstation.
And thirdly I scared myself ........ what the hell was I trying to do? I can't sew.
Or cut straight . Or anything even remotely necessary to make anything resemble what I want it to look like when a sewing machine is anywhere near me.

But I tried it anyway. And made myself a needle roll for my dpn's.

And ended up learning that you really should sew up all the lines for the inside part before you attach the backing. Otherwise you have lines going through all the pieces of your fabric.
Some of my lines are really rather wonky even though I did use a ruler and mark them out. But no you really shouldn't mark it out with pen........ tailors chalk would have been the better option..... I was just too lazy to go hunting for some.

Overall I am still really happy with my needle roll as considering I had NO idea of what I was doing I ended up with something that looks pretty much like I wanted it to and is totally usable. Actually I love it. Damn so does Miss B. Actually Miss B seems to be loving all my stuff at the moment. I think I need to find some good hiding places.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Whoot Socks Recieved!!!

And what gorgeous socks they are , yummy scrummy purple goodness. I adore them. So does Miss B. ( This could be a problem) They are from Katie in Indiana. Thankyou so much Katie.
Actually Katie sounds a lot like me. She worries about the little mistakes in her knitting. You know....... the ones no one else would even notice and even another knitter would really have to hunt for. Believe me most of us knitters are more worried about what mistakes we are making in our own knitting to worry about yours. Besides I have given up....... I can't seem to complete a project without having one mistake in it somewhere. Even if I think I have done it perfectly, months later I will find it. It being my "one mistake trademark".

The funny thing is that since I have accepted my one mistake thing I seem to be making less mistakes.
SHHHHHHHH I shouldn't have said that cause now I will be stuffing up absolutely everything.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Pink Socks Done

Yay for productivity! Got to say I love a FO. Especially one that has been sitting there staring at me begging me to complete it for weeks. The one that when I actually worked on it got done pretty quick. A rainy day where I didn't do anything much but knit and watch Mr and Mrs Smith didn't hurt with the progress either.

I even frogged most of the retro ribby sock so I should be back to where I was before I somehow stuffed it all up. This is not a sock I want to frog again as picking up those itty bitty stitches is almost impossible. I know I have picked most of them up the wrong way and will have to fix them as I knit. But it was the only way. Otherwise those lil things would have just gone and run all the way down and I'd have nothing to pick up and work with.

Iv'e been peeking over at Black Olive's and damn does her stash look heavenly. I probably have nearly that amount of yarn but the majority of it is scraps and odd balls. Yarn that would be perfect for one of these.
I'm not sure I will actually ever make that but I like the idea of it. It looks so snuggly and cosy.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Teaching Knitting?

I found an add in the local paper. A woman wants to learn to knit and crochet. My first reaction was to call her and offer to teach her to knit. But then I got scared. What if I can't teach her? What if I suddenly stuff up everything I try and knit? If I did try and teach her where would I do it? I don't want a complete stranger coming to my home. What if she has already found someone to teach her?

Part of me would love to do this as I'd love to find more people to knit with and I enjoy watching people as they suddenly grasp how it all works.

Crap. I've just jumped in and sent a text to this lady with my number and saying I can teach her to knit. Well I guess now it's up to her to get back to me and discuss what she wants to know and arrange a time to get together. A text probably isn't the best way to go but I don't see that I should pay the cost of calling her mobile when it's me that would be helping her out. I hate calling peoples mobiles and tend to only do so in an emergency.

And in knitting news I am knitting C's brown beanie. Damn is this one slow going, 128 sts on 3mm needles. I must be insane as its killing my fingers........ I hope he doesn't want it in a hurry as it is quite likely to get put down and then pushed aside and hidden while I work on other projects. Really I should be working on other projects........ some things have been waiting way too long and others wouldn't take much to actually finish. And others....... well maybe I'll frog them..... its a really quick way of finishing . Just not very satisfactory as there is no finished object at the end.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Scarves hmmmmmmm

Ok. I finished the Debbie Bliss Lace Scarf.
Just have to sew in some ends and block it.
But I love it.
So then I decided to work on Branching Out.
Here comes the hmmmmm bit. For some reason I stuffed it up and ended up with extra stitches and just decided that undoing it all was easier than trying to tink back each sticth to figure out where I had actually made the mistake.
So at this point the needles are back in the box and the yarn is wound up and I am not even sure if I will make Branching Out with this particular yarn afterall as it seems to catch so very easily. Well that's one way to clear off two projects in one day, finish one and frog the other.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Scarf knitting

The Debbie Bliss Lace Scarf is moving along nicely. Will probably only need one more ball of yarn to finish. Whoot a project thats for me. So nice.
Then I still have my huge list of UFO's to work on. And the list of things I want to make that are still all in my head. Blah. I have to say I am loving having everything added to the side bar even if I do keep remembering something else to add after I publish the blog. It makes it easy to see what I am doing and choose what to work on.
I also don't feel so bad about the UFO"s since I can also see the FO's. All those FO's have been started and completed this year in between starting other things, studying, working and raising Miss B. Ok a lot of those projects are small like socks, but since I started studying I don't get much knitting time anymore so I am quite proud of what I have finished. Especially as I know just how easily distracted I can be by yarn shopping and blog reading, both of which take away precious knitting time.

Apparantly the waiting list just got longer as two of my sisters visited on the weekend and both mentioned that handknitted socks would be nice for Christmas Hint Hint.
Well I made them both measure their feet and said no promises about Christmas or any other particular time but at least this way if I happen to feel like making more socks I have their measurements. Hmmmmmmm I wonder they would be happy if I gave them each a sock pattern, some sock yarn and some dpn's for Christmas.........lazy lazy knitter aren't I?
Nooooooooooooooo don't answer that.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

What colour?

Your Blog Should Be Purple
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You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.
What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

Actually I quite like my pink and anyone else is more than welcome to leave comments and say whatever they want :)

Messing about with the sidebar

Yep the sidebar had indeed been messed about with. I actually figured out how to add the percentage bars and the list of projects I am currently working on. Ok So i'm not working on all of them right now............ some of them have been sitting in a corner all on their own for quite some time. And I have possibly forgotten a few. And I haven't added everything to the on the waiting list section.... just because I'd never be able to add absolutely everything.This list is constantly changing anyway depending on what I see in magazines, what I see out there in blogland and what yarn I happen to get my little mitts on.

The sockpal2za socks were sent off on Friday along with another package which is going to a friend in London. Now I just have to wait for everyone to get their packages. Oh yeah..... and I have to wait to get mine.
Isn't it funny... the whole time while making the socks for someone else you are so distracted by making them that you pretty much forget you are going to get some socks yourself. This is the time you start wondering about who your sock pal is and what socks you will recieve. Will they be the colours you like? will they fit? Basically all the questions you wondered about the socks you were sending but now in reverse.

As for the second package I know it will be liked as it isn't for anything in particular, just a surprise. Just a lil thinking of you package.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Button

Image hosted by

Whoot I made a button............

Now I just gotto figure out how to put it where I actually want it


This is a test post from


This is a snippet of an e mail I sent to someone explaining my feelings on knitting.

I love starting something, seeing the texture and colour, watching the pattern emerge and how the yarn knits up and watching it grow. Because at the begining of a project it all seems to grow really quickly.

But then you get to The Middle. By this point I am curious about other patterns/yarn , am sick of the sight of the colour of the yarn I am using. The growing of my knitting seems to be non existant no matter how much i knit.

This is the point I usually start something else aswell as mentally start/imagine many projects. Enough said argh.

But then If I can get past that....... Usually it involves a sock or beanie distraction before I can look at first project again, makes it almost seem like a new project again. ( blah even a sock can call for a sock distraction, the heel =middle LOL )

Then I get to The End.............. and I LOVE the end, that last third or quarter of a project where you can totally see how it is all going together. The part where you know you should have enough yarn left but still always wonder with every project. The part where for some strange reason the knitting is growing again and the closer you get to The End the faster it grows. Just when you were enjoying knitting it again, it wants to finish on you.

And then it's done. And I just sit and stare. And am always amazed. Amazed at what I have managed to create with just needles and yarn, some patience and time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sockpaltwoza socks are done

They are finally done!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Socks are finished. Finished. Finished.
I finished them last night and now I just have to post them. Hope my sockpal likes them. Guess I can't do much about it now.
Oh well, at least now I can look at other projects. Just got to decide what I should be finishing next........ probably more socks.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Progress, what progress??

Well unfortunately very little knitting progress.............. one toe almost done but the other not even touched. And instead of completeing database stuff I spent 3 or 4 hours stuffing around on my powerpoint presentation. Everytime I looked at it I found something else I could change. But its almost to a point i'm happy with which means I should be able to spend some of this weeks powerpoint class time doing the database stuff instead. Hopefully I'll sneak in some knitting on toes time in today because I really Really want to move on and work on something else. Am thinking of checking out a yarn shop today for inspiration.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Morning

Yep. It's Monday morning again. I can almost breathe, I slept a little and I even managed to make my hands co - operate with my brain......... I managed to knit on the socks.... they are up to the toes, so hopefully, hopefully will be done sometime today. I would garantee they will be done except fot the fact I have to go to Tafe today and the fact that I still feel ok for a while and then totally unexpectedly need to lay down . Which of course means nothing may end up being done on these socks afterall. But having said that the fact that there are only the toes to go should be some sort of incentive. Especially as if they are finished I can actually do some guilt free knitting and knit something else. Who knows I may even get motivated to try and finish something else. Or maybe I'll just cast on for something else with the needles that would be freed up if these socks were done. Either way it would be some very welcome variety.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Can't sleep, can't breathe, can't knit.
Blah. Miss B seems to have been rather generous and shared/given me her cold. She could have kept it. Really. I wouldn't have minded.
I have been awake since 4am this morning blowing my nose and trying not to rub my incredibly itchy eyes. It is taking incredible effort to even lift my head away from the pillow as it feels so damn heavy. Have taken panadol and codral and drank too many cups of tea.
Have aslo picked up a sock several times , looked at it and then put it down again. For some reason knit 13 sts, knit 2 tog, knit 1, turn is something my brain doesn't seem to comprehend right now. Well actuall it does, its just my brain can't seem to get the message to my hands, they are just holding the needles and going..... Yeah... and?? Don't think we are actually going to move do you?
The only residents in this house enjoying this are the cats as they are getting lots of company.
Why is it that I have two days off work/ study that I could actually do things in and I feel too crappy to actually make any practical use of this time?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Funny Funny People

He he..... Thats for the funny people that found my blog by searching for ohhhhhhhhh.

Knitting stuff........ Well I have one sock done........ but with one of those stupid holes in the side of the heel you get when you pick up the stitches wrong grrrrrrrrr, and two socks that are ready to have the heels done. Yes I know that is three socks.......
I figured I will be undoing the completed one and to make sure I actually get two socks the same it might help to knit them at the same time so I can still remember what I did at each point. This has meant do ribbing on one, then ribbing on sock two, knit twenty or so rows on sock one, then knit twenty or so rows on sock two. It all seems to take so much longer this way, but I think it will work out better in that after having finished one then two is so close to being done that I will finish it. Especially as the dreaded deadline is rapidly creeping up on me........Sep 15 Argh

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Much better

I hurt my back earlier in the week but it is definately improving..... I can actually sit for a while now. Unfortunately still hurts to knit for very long. So sockpaltwoza socks are progressing very very slowly.

But apart from that yesterday was a gorgeous day........ Miss B and I spent the afternoon celebrating a friends birthday. It was gloriously sunny and the food was wonderful as was the company. Several of the women from Tafe were there including one of the lecturers. Was a fantasic day of chatting and catching up.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Not really sure what I want to say yet. Knitting isn't progressing far. Would probably get further if I actually picked it up instead of just looking at it and wondering why I am not finishing anything. I am worried about several friends for different reasons....... one has a family member who has cancer, one has recently left her husband and is struggling to get settled financially and rent a place, and one is struggling with the disappointment of IVF being unsuccessful. No wonder I am feeling a bit blah.
Perhaps it's time for some yarn shopping..... Or maybe some chocolate........

Monday, August 22, 2005

Playing around with blogger

Sorry for any disruption..... Just playing around with some of the add ons ect.
Got to say I like this lil guy.

Well Well Well

Well... It would seem a lot of us out there in blogland have had comments from Juicy Fruiter. Seems Juicy hit the next blog button and left the same comment for everyone. Have to admire the tactic as they sure have a lot of traffic flowing through their site even if it is a lil cheeky.

Butttttttt having just said that Juicy is the first to ever comment here so feel I should be sending some sort of prize........ somehow I don't think Juicy is into yarn.

Anyway....... Juicy also gave me a much needed kick up the bum and reminded me that I have been slack and haven't been posting much so ....

On the knitting front I have been working on the sockpaltwoza socks........... they are not going well....
Have developed ladders in the sides of the foot..... I have no idea how to avoid or fix this problem....
If anyone knows........ please share....

Monday, July 25, 2005

What I've been up to

Well finishing assignments and then having holidays. Also some knitting of course.
Ive made some purple zhivago socks for a friend, some baby socks for another friend who became a grandmother, a beanie for a friend in melbourne.
I've started and the stoped a scarf for me and started and had better finish some socks for the sockpal2za. Have just got past the heel on the first sock. I'm doing the retro ribby socks in cashmarino baby..... they are turning out gorgeously so far....... I almost don't want to send them off.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Black is so hard to knit with at night

Yep , that's why the black beanie is taking me so damn long. Especially as it is 8 ply which means more stitches than the previous 12 ply I was using for the other beanie. 12 ply just knits up so much quicker you can't help but keep going and then ta da! it's finished. But I am up to the decreases which once started should go pretty quick so hopefully will be finished soon.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

What next?

I have almost finished the other something for someone but now have to decide what I want to start on next. I have so many projects either started or planned in my mind I don't think I will ever be able to finish them all. Especially as the list keeps growing way faster than I can knit and even faster than I could ever afford to buy yarn. Perhaps some socks next or maybe the black beanie I probably should be working on. Why is it that when you should be working on something it is no longer fun???

Friday, May 27, 2005

No more scary orange socks

They are all done. Bright Orange socks with fluffy stuff all done and almost worn to death already. Miss B would wear them constantly if she could. Well Miss B now has warm feet and hands cause i've finished her mittens aswell. Thankfully they aren't bright orange.
Bf's hat is also done. Yummy soft cleckheaton country 12 ply, so its all nice and warm. It was too long at first so I had to rip it back and start decreasing earlier. BLAH. I went back and read the pattern properly and found my mistake. I just shouldn't try and read patterns, or do anything else that requires brainpower, while suffering from a cold.
After having just said that I am off to try and start another beanie using the same cleckheaton cause its so nice.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scary Orange Sock

One scary orange sock almost completed, it just has to be grafted. It's a very very BRIGHT orange sock. All I can say is unfortunately I don't think it will be possible to loose these socks when they are done. And if Miss B does mysteriously manage to loose them I want to know how!!! They are shockingly bright.
Speaking to bf last night and after discussing beanies for months and not being able to choose a wool that he likes ( this is after walking through both spotlight and lincraft) he finally said" How long will it take you to knit a beanie?"
I said " Well it would be quicker if you actually chose a wool"
He says " Use any damn wool it was cold this morning"
He he he and yes at 5: 30 am when he goes to work it is freezing.
So after rejecting all the various shades of grey he has now decided I can even use black after all just because he was cold. Am very tempted to make it in a bright pink just because he said use any damn wool he he he.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Uh Huh

Your Birthdate: January 17
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Although you are probably very honest and ethical, this birthday enables you to be shrewd and successful in the world of business and commercial enterprise.
You have excellent organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities enabling you to handle large projects and significant amounts of money with relative ease.

You are ambitious and highly goal-oriented, although you may be better at starting projects than you are at finishing them.
A sensitivity in your nature, often repressed below the surface of awareness, makes it hard to give or receive affection.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Oh is that why I have all these damn WIP and a huge, ever growing list of things I want to knit but don't get to make them all? Damn and here I was blaming it all on the time study takes away from my knitting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Two Blue socks...

Yippee another pair of socks done. Lovely yummy blue socks.
Now I only have another million or so to do........ And a thousand or so fuzzy feet.
Ok so not quite that many but with the lack of free time now available that tafe has started up again is definitely feels that way.

I luckily managed to rescue my pattern book that I'd somehow managed to leave in the library photocopier. Whew maybe it's a good thing knitting isn't very popular here.
I had a wonderful Mother's Day......... Pancakes for breakfast and dinner cooked for me. Also a surprise card and present that boyfriend had bought for Miss B to give me. How incredibly sweet. Even sweeter is the fact that said present is a spotlight voucher. Did anyone say more wool??