Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve already???

Yes, yes, yes, Grumperina these socks can definately go in your gallery. I love them. I love them so much I even put them on in yesterdays ridiculous heat for a photo. If it wasn't so hot I would have left them on they are so nice and comfy. I am very tempted to make more.Check back after the christmas break.

This is the big ball of yarn I was left with after frogging the pink jumper. Thats 3 balls of lincraft poodle, 83% mohair, 17% acrylic all rolled up there. My hands and wrists were sore after unraveling and I now understand what ball winders are for. Can I add one to next years x mas wishlist???

Miss B's secret traveling project socks. Ok so they are no longer the secret traveling project as Miss B barged into my room at 6 am the other morning while I was knitting and saw them. She immediately got all excited and knew they were for her. She is the only one crazy enough to want such brightly coloured socks. She was even more impressed that I had been knitting them secretly for the last ten weeks on the bus to tafe so she couldn't see them. The only problem with this is the bus ride to tafe isn't long enough to get much knitting done hence the secret knitting in my room and her discovering them.

And here is my little christmas corner on top of the yarn drawers. Seems it's a perfect place for the cats to sit aswell.

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Knit-n-Purl Zen said...

Wonderful socks! And I like the second pair too...nice colours!