Thursday, September 27, 2007

Overwhelmed By Ravelry

Since joining Ravelry I have been overwhelmed by temptation and at the same time totally uninspired by my knitting.

Every WIP I have on the needles is suddenly incredibly boring. Yet at the same time I have been stuck with indecision about starting anything else. What to start?
There are just too many options.

The Ribby Pullover is driving me nuts. All that grey; and I have messed up the decreases, my ribbing doesnt match where I have joined the sleeves. I have put it aside to be frogged.

I haven't had a block of knitting time long enough to get immersed in the Hemlock Ring Blanket and I just haven't felt like working on any other WIP. Everything just looks really bland.

I figured I needed something small to pick up the needles again.

Beanie using Moda Vera Brilliant in Blue. I love how it stripes. So does Miss B. Guess who has claimed it.

Knitting was still feeling a little bland though so I started some socks in patonyle.

Colour. That's what was missing. And fun. Knitting is meant to be fun.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sister Socks done.

I decided a while ago to make a pair of bedsocks each for two of my sisters.
4mm needles, 8ply yarn. They would knit up quickly, no problems.

That should have been the story.

Me being me, I lost interest in making 4 socks in the exact same colour pretty quickly.
I seem to have lost the urge to knit much lately, nothing has been sending out those knit me vibes. The part done socks were just sitting about hogging the coffee table.

Today was all cold and windy. The perfect knitting weather. Perfect finishing weather.
Perfect sock wearing weather if my sisters give these socks a new home.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Inspired by Brooklyntweed's Hemlock Ring Lap Blanket I decided to start my own.

So far all I have is a blue blob.

I wonder if it will grow up to be a pretty blue blob........

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wickedly Wicked.

Ok Ok, a flat on a table pic doesn't keep you guys happy.
Here is the "headless supermodel shot" for chocolatetrudi.
Chris, I hope this makes you happy too.
You have no idea the effort involved in getting Miss B to take a picture that doesn't involve the cats or my feet.

Can I eat some chocolate now???