Friday, March 28, 2008

Settled now?

Between moving, classes starting up again, personal happenings and the ridiculous heat we have had lately, I just haven't felt settled.

Funnily enough my knitting seems to follow the pattern of my current classwork. Scattered and all over the place.
I start off all enthused and race along until something gets tricky/ I make a mistake/ I don't understand something. Then I skip ahead to the next section as best I can.
Ultimately I have to come back to that point and fix it to be able to finish it.

Guess what I am doing this afternoon...........and no it's not knitting :(.

Where does that leave me with my knitting?

Spotlight socks - Yarn needs major untangling.

Opal socks - I need to rip back a few rows, my feet aren't THAT long.

Black Black Black - I need to sew up the pieces.......... someone send seaming mood.

Mitts - I need to rip back......... I forgot to increase for the thumb duh.......... oh and what do I do with all those ends? Do I just leave them and sew them in later? Do I sew them in along the way? If so........ how and where?

Rogue - I love this. I have separated the front and back.
Working on the back and eeek, my tension seems to have changed.

I think I know how to fix this, I am just not in the mood to rip back just now.

That is one pile of uninspiring knitting staring at me. It all needs fixing of some sort.

What to do, what to do.......... ohhhhhhhhh I know cast on............

YAY!!! Cleckheaton Angora Supreme in grey. Cast on Gretel for me.

Knit, knit, knit.

What the ??? Broken yarn........

Join yarn.

Knit, knit, knit.

Broken yarn......... eeek moths have been munching.

Throw yarn down in disgust.

Get out other ball of yarn and wind it to check for damage.

Perfect ball, nothing wrong with it. Trust me to have started with the moth eaten ball.

Wonder why moths ate one ball and not the other. Decide it doesn't matter and just be grateful they left me something to knit with.

Decide it's time to work on the one thing that doesn't need fixing.


Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed raided from stash.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

So called bargains...........

I bought the Moda Vera Socks from Spotlight the other week.

I am sure I had decided not to buy cheap sock yarn again after last time, but I think it whispered something about encouraging the local craft stores to stock sock yarn and I got sucked in. It came home with me.

I chose the burgundy/ khaki combo and I like how the pattern is knitting up.
The yarn is a little thicker than the Moda Vera Adore that I tried last time but still pretty thin compared to other sock yarns.
It is not super soft like patonyle, yet I am not finding it scratchy at all either.

But damn does it tangle and stick to istelf when you try knitting from the centre of the ball.
I will finish this pair, just because I am stubborn, but I can't see myself using it again.

So if anyone likes dealing with tangles and wants the other two balls of this I have in my stash...... let me know. It's all yours.

Just promise not to tell me that it was only my ball that was tangly.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A finished swift

The swift is done and I love it.
I love it so much I want to buy yarn just so I can sit and wind it.
OK, I would probably still want to buy yarn anyway, but this makes it so much more fun.
I almost think I owe C another Koolhaas for this.

And knitting......... this is Rogue at the beach.

The body is now done and I am ready to separate the front and back.

This is one of those knits I don't want to put down.

Just one more row.

Just till the cable does that next bit.

Ohhhhhhhhhh pretty, just till it twists that way again.

I am beginning to think making another of these for Miss B is going to be no hardship at all........