Sunday, March 09, 2008

So called bargains...........

I bought the Moda Vera Socks from Spotlight the other week.

I am sure I had decided not to buy cheap sock yarn again after last time, but I think it whispered something about encouraging the local craft stores to stock sock yarn and I got sucked in. It came home with me.

I chose the burgundy/ khaki combo and I like how the pattern is knitting up.
The yarn is a little thicker than the Moda Vera Adore that I tried last time but still pretty thin compared to other sock yarns.
It is not super soft like patonyle, yet I am not finding it scratchy at all either.

But damn does it tangle and stick to istelf when you try knitting from the centre of the ball.
I will finish this pair, just because I am stubborn, but I can't see myself using it again.

So if anyone likes dealing with tangles and wants the other two balls of this I have in my stash...... let me know. It's all yours.

Just promise not to tell me that it was only my ball that was tangly.


Chrisknits said...

I like the colors, but not enough to put up with tangling balls. And I don't knit socks anymore.

sue said...

The socks look nice in that colorway. I wouldnt mind having the sock yarn if you dont want to knit with it, or you could always rewind it back into another ball to avoid the knots.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

They've come out all right, haven't they? My hubby's-pair-to-be is currently beign ignored in favour of more exciting things, so I'm not far enough into it to judge tangliness or otherwise.

chocolatetrudi said...

I've read something about the tangling somewhere before this, so it's not just you.

I've been seeing the yarn appear on other people's blogs and getting the itch to buy some and dye it. In black, with some of the original colour coming through, like that raven series of sock yarns.

Then I remember how much sock yarn I've already got and change my mind.

2paw said...

Oh that's disappointing to hear because they look jolly nice. I can NEVER do the centre pull thing anyway so there would be no hope for me with this!!!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

FYI - You Make My Day

amanda j said...

I hate tangles! But like 2paw I don't do the centre pull thing. I am strictly a knit from the outside type of girl.

The socks look fantastic, if that's any consolation!