Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Coming or going?

It seems I don't know what I am doing....... I am flitting from project to project and dropping one to cast on yet another. I can't seem to make up my mind. I started something else.

Another pair of Fetchings, this time in Cleckheaton country silk. This is the first one and it still needs a thumb.

My knitting behaviour seems to be reflecting my state of mind in other areas too. Unsettled and debating the decisions I have made as well as the ones I need to make.

Miss B started High School today, she went off all on her own and suddenly seems quite grown up. ( Don't remind me I said that when she is overtired at the end of the first week and starts behaving like a two year old.)

I enroll in the city on Thursday for my new course. I start next week. New course, new campus, new people, new everything and all very scary.

Moving on from a relationship that was rather toxic. It left me drained physically and mentally and generally made me feel crappy. I kept holding on longer than I should have, I guess I was hoping I was wrong and that things were OK.... but they are not.

You get comfortable being with someone when you have been with them for a few years and it's scary to suddenly be on your own again.
Although being single is having it's advantages.... no one hogging the computer, no one complaining about the amount of yarn I purchase or how many projects I start.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Urban Mistake

You know that funny feeling......... the one that tells you your knitting has something wrong with it........... it surfaced last night. I ignored it for a little while and kept on knitting.

I made a cup of tea and kept on knitting, all the while wondering what was wrong.

Dodgy Knitting How it should look

I looked at my knitting and couldn't figure out why I was trying to decrease in the cabled section. Then I got out the other front piece and went OOOOOPS!!!

Somehow in between cups of tea and conversation I had missed the part about putting those cabled stitched on a stitch holder.

Guess what I will be doing today....................

Saturday, January 27, 2007


I am still messing about with the blog, I have tried several colour changes to the background and didn't like any so far so I am back with the white ......... for now.

Tigers has given me a few hints on how to make a few other changes, all of which involve me taking pictures, making decisions and not deleting the wrong things. We will see what happens there.......

When it comes to anything involving sewing and pins I am hopeless.
Miss B doesn't want to wear crooked uniforms so yesterday we bribed Nanna into taking up the hems.
Lots of cups of tea and chocolate chip cookies were involved.

After all of that sugar my brain couldn't focus on anything patterned so a pair of plain socks were cast on

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lost sidebar

Once again in the process of updating my sidebar I seem to have managed to make it dissapear.Me being me, I hadn't got the sidebar to a point I was happy with from last time and so of course hadn't saved it.
At least the posts are still there and it gives me a chance to mess about with templates and decide if I want a change.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Finally, one of my projects has gotten past the 50% mark. It feels like it has been a really long time since that has happened.

I have finished the beaded section on the second Rolling Thunder sock and I have finished the left front for the Urban Aran cardie. Who knows maybe I will get something finished and off that list this month.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Comparing yarns

I had a birthday this week and therefore have some money to buy yarn.

All is good as I go hunting about on line. I had almost decided what I wanted to buy and was just debating between two colours.

The problem came when I checked out the same yarn on another website. The colours look totally different and I don't like either of them on the second site.

How do I work out which is the true representation of the yarn?

I don't want to order something and then have to mess about with returning it if I hate the colour when it gets here.

What do you do???

Sunday, January 14, 2007

One sock done

The first Rolling Thunder sock is all done and ready to be grafted. Progress on this sock seems incredibly slow....... possibly something to do with the garter rib?

Or perhaps it is due to me being distracted by an
other knit. Another knit called Urban Aran

The colour is a little more pink than this and I am loving how it is knitting up. Rustic 12 ply in Pink Opal from Bendigo Woolen Mills

Monday, January 08, 2007

UFO Resurrection for January

I have joined UFO Resurrection 2007 over at Kat with a K's.

I need some motivation to finish some of the things just sitting about instead of starting more and more things. Having all those things sitting over there in the sidebar is gatting a little overwhelming. I need to be honest about what I am actually going to finish and what just isn't working.

So each month I have to pick one thing and work on it, thereby taking it out of the UFO pile or frog it and reclaim the yarn.

So first up is the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, that as much as I love and I still want to make one, this yarn just isn't working for me.

Yarn was frogged and reclaimed.

Rolling Thunder Socks from Knitty.

Friday, January 05, 2007


I've just joined up for project spectrum over on Lolly's Blog. I like the idea of working with colours I wouldn't normally use and this seems the perfect way to try it out.

Also new are the
Rolling Thunder Socks. This yarn started out as the beginings of a Diamond Fantasy Shawl.

The diamonds were being hidden in the colours and I have decided to try the shawl in a solid colour instead.

I am loving how the socks are going and I love the beads.

Edit: I would love it if blogger would load pics too.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A knitter without a row counter.........

My mum has knit forever.

Ok, not forever, but since she was five.
I don't remember a winter that she didn't knit while I was growing up.
She doesn't knit as often now, work takes away knitting time, but when she does find time her work is beautiful, especially her aran jumpers.

In all the years I have watched her knit I have never seen her use a stitch marker like what are used now, it was always just a scrap of yarn.

So I made her a set of stitchmarkers and also included one with a row counter attached. I figured she probably already had one but figured it wouldn't hurt to have another. I know I like having extra for when I start yet another project.

But no, Mum has never had a row counter either.

I am now wondering what other knitting gadgetry has Mum missed out on.

Monday, January 01, 2007

It's 2007

We were woken up by a car crashing on the corner at the end of our street just before 7 am. By the time I had stumbled outside along with a few other neighbours the driver had already run off. Stolen car? Drunk driver? Both are probably likely.

Not a Happy New Years for someone.

As for Miss B and I it is a good day.

Changes have been happening in our situation and I am still up in the air with a lot of what will be happening for us this year. Decisions need to be made, school, transport, relationship etc, but I am now feeling confident I will be able to make the right ones.

Knitting..... No I haven't started an Afghan, I don't even have the yarn yet (notice the yet), but I do want to make one.

And today is really good, either that or Miss B is just in a really good mood. Here is Miss B modelling Tubey for me.

Although the sleeves are a tiny bit long and the body is a couple of cm's too long on her, she could get away with wearing it out. It's frightening when your child fits into your clothes.
And dammit, she looks good in that green.
Anyone get the feeling this may no longer be my Tubey???