Saturday, January 27, 2007


I am still messing about with the blog, I have tried several colour changes to the background and didn't like any so far so I am back with the white ......... for now.

Tigers has given me a few hints on how to make a few other changes, all of which involve me taking pictures, making decisions and not deleting the wrong things. We will see what happens there.......

When it comes to anything involving sewing and pins I am hopeless.
Miss B doesn't want to wear crooked uniforms so yesterday we bribed Nanna into taking up the hems.
Lots of cups of tea and chocolate chip cookies were involved.

After all of that sugar my brain couldn't focus on anything patterned so a pair of plain socks were cast on


2paw said...

The first day of school approaches, 2 weeks and 3 days to go!!! Very nice sock wool, it is very pretty!!

knit twits said...

That's a Merino Bambino sock? I've got one done too. Lovely wool, can't wait to put it on my feet.

Michelle said...

Hi Jess, do you knit your sock with 1 circular needle?? If yes, can you tell me what method you use to cast on? Hope to hear from you soon.