Monday, January 01, 2007

It's 2007

We were woken up by a car crashing on the corner at the end of our street just before 7 am. By the time I had stumbled outside along with a few other neighbours the driver had already run off. Stolen car? Drunk driver? Both are probably likely.

Not a Happy New Years for someone.

As for Miss B and I it is a good day.

Changes have been happening in our situation and I am still up in the air with a lot of what will be happening for us this year. Decisions need to be made, school, transport, relationship etc, but I am now feeling confident I will be able to make the right ones.

Knitting..... No I haven't started an Afghan, I don't even have the yarn yet (notice the yet), but I do want to make one.

And today is really good, either that or Miss B is just in a really good mood. Here is Miss B modelling Tubey for me.

Although the sleeves are a tiny bit long and the body is a couple of cm's too long on her, she could get away with wearing it out. It's frightening when your child fits into your clothes.
And dammit, she looks good in that green.
Anyone get the feeling this may no longer be my Tubey???


2paw said...

Tubey looks great, I love the colour. We had the fire engine rushing up my street last sign of a fire though!!
Very positive attitude you're having there!!!! Excellent!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I am relieved that the car did not crash on your home. Tubey looks great! I remember when I was able to wear my mother's clothes from when she was in college. I think she freaked out a little, but was proud on how grown up we were. Any hints on what afghan you will be making?