Monday, January 08, 2007

UFO Resurrection for January

I have joined UFO Resurrection 2007 over at Kat with a K's.

I need some motivation to finish some of the things just sitting about instead of starting more and more things. Having all those things sitting over there in the sidebar is gatting a little overwhelming. I need to be honest about what I am actually going to finish and what just isn't working.

So each month I have to pick one thing and work on it, thereby taking it out of the UFO pile or frog it and reclaim the yarn.

So first up is the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, that as much as I love and I still want to make one, this yarn just isn't working for me.

Yarn was frogged and reclaimed.

Rolling Thunder Socks from Knitty.

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Debby said...

Good luck on those UFOs! I am doing a similar thing, tying in my UFOs with some knitalongs to finish them up. It feels very liberating.