Monday, January 29, 2007

Urban Mistake

You know that funny feeling......... the one that tells you your knitting has something wrong with it........... it surfaced last night. I ignored it for a little while and kept on knitting.

I made a cup of tea and kept on knitting, all the while wondering what was wrong.

Dodgy Knitting How it should look

I looked at my knitting and couldn't figure out why I was trying to decrease in the cabled section. Then I got out the other front piece and went OOOOOPS!!!

Somehow in between cups of tea and conversation I had missed the part about putting those cabled stitched on a stitch holder.

Guess what I will be doing today....................


2paw said...

Oh no!! There's not much to unravel is there?? I love the cabling, it's beautiful. Now I have to have a cup of tea too!!

Tigers said...

Phew, I thought you had knit two of the same piece, luckily it doesn't look like much to rip.

amanda j said...

Oh, you will make that up quickly - especially because you won't have to cable! It is a lovely piece of work!