Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tubey 2

The final FO for 2006.

Miss B and I spent Friday visiting
Tigers and Miss A. We spent the day knitting in her craft room with her working on her Central Park Hoodie and me on Tubey.
I had cast off by the time I left, but had cast off too loosly and needed to redo the cast off.

I was sent home with orders to finish Tubey as it was so close to being done. What did I do? I came home got distracted and ignored poor Tubey. So today I decided to get it done and I did. Tubey is all done and ready to be washed.

Tigers has got the idea of knitting an afghan planted in my head. I really, really want one and I know I would love it when it's done. I also know how often I change projects and that I am not likely to finish something that big. Doesn't stop me from wanting to try anyway.

I am dreaming of this in a green to go with my lounge.

I am also dreaming of it knitting itself.

And I was dreaming to think I wouldn't want to buy any more yarn.

Well I wont be buying any more yarn this year.

Happy New Years!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Loving Thuja socks.

Unfortunately Cindy didn't want to knit these for me so I had to do it myself. Not hard at all considering Miss B has come down with a virus and we are now housebound. The complete opposite of the mad rushing about all over the place we were doing only a couple of days ago.

So Thuja socks are done, but sending a few things like cards and other bits are not.

Finishing something always makes me want to start something new. Then of course I look at my list of UFO's and figure I really should work on some of them. Then I start thinking I really should work through some of the stash.

It seems a lot of people are feeling the same way about knitting from the stash if you read the comments over at Wendy's. Scroll down to the December 16th entry and she talks about knitting from the stash 2007. Something she intends doing for nine months.

I'm not sure that is something I could stick to,nine months is a long time and as soon as I decide not to buy any more yarn I seem to accumulate three times as much as I would normally.
I think for now I will at least go through the stash, perhaps write a list of some sort so I know what I actually have and generally tidy it all up. The cats love swiping ziplocked bags of yarn off the shelves when I'm not home and there are a few sitting at the bottom of the shelves that I just got sick of picking up. Maybe someone is telling me to knit them.

Monday, December 18, 2006


It's school holiday time here and of course I was hoping this would mean that some knitting would happen.
All that has happened so far has been a mad rush around the shops in an attempt to do some christmas shopping, and then another day spent doing food shopping.

What I really want to do is go yarn shopping, maybe after christmas is all done.

I am slowly working on the Thuja socks and I am loving them, I just keep being called away to do other things.
Cindy is able to knit these socks a lot faster than me and I am thinking of sending them over to her :P

Miss B and I took a peek over at the new Knitty. Argosy is my favourite and I am contemplating adding Rolling Thunder to my 'one day' list. Adding beads to my socks is something I have wanted to try since seeing some of Donna's socks.

Time for a cup of tea and some knitting I think.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Scarves or socks.......

I was going to start on the Grape Hyacinth Scarf.

I did start.

I did the begining and one repeat and hated every single p2tog- tbl.

I ripped it out and started these socks instead.

Thuja socks from Knitty. These I am loving. Loving them so much I may just have to make myself some more later on.

I am also loving that classes are over until next year.

My 1 hour presentation was graded, my essay was graded, all the other bits and pieces are all done and graded.


I love that word.
I have officially completed Certificate 4.

Now I can enjoy the holidays and knit and maybe even finish a few things.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

And now I can breathe...

It really feels like I have been holding my breath for weeks, waiting, working and wondering if I would manage to meet assignment deadlines. As usual I procrastinate and as usual this causes me ridiculous amounts of stress. I really don't know why this happens as I alocate plenty of time to study, I just don't seem to get much done in that time . For some reason I need that intense deadline of something being due immediately before I can actually get going and have my work start to make any sense. The other downside to working under intense deadlines is the tendancy to make stupid mistakes.

Anyway it's done and handed in and I can't do anything about it now.

But I can finally knit, and I have been.
Tubey has grown

And of course I started something else

And I want to start another something else with this

Any guesses what?

Monday, December 04, 2006

And so it goes

Tubey is growing rather slowly, a bit like my essay.

Mindless 3x1 rib for the rest of the body, perfect for getting my thoughts together in my head.

I just need to learn how to keep knitting while I type everything up.

Everything is due this week and then I just have one more class next week.

I can see some knitting actually happening around here then.