Friday, December 15, 2006

Scarves or socks.......

I was going to start on the Grape Hyacinth Scarf.

I did start.

I did the begining and one repeat and hated every single p2tog- tbl.

I ripped it out and started these socks instead.

Thuja socks from Knitty. These I am loving. Loving them so much I may just have to make myself some more later on.

I am also loving that classes are over until next year.

My 1 hour presentation was graded, my essay was graded, all the other bits and pieces are all done and graded.


I love that word.
I have officially completed Certificate 4.

Now I can enjoy the holidays and knit and maybe even finish a few things.


2paw said...

I lurve the Thuja socks, you can make a sock in a night!!! How fantastic!! Congratulations on your Distinction and now you can have a lovely Christmas!!!!

Donna said...