Monday, December 18, 2006


It's school holiday time here and of course I was hoping this would mean that some knitting would happen.
All that has happened so far has been a mad rush around the shops in an attempt to do some christmas shopping, and then another day spent doing food shopping.

What I really want to do is go yarn shopping, maybe after christmas is all done.

I am slowly working on the Thuja socks and I am loving them, I just keep being called away to do other things.
Cindy is able to knit these socks a lot faster than me and I am thinking of sending them over to her :P

Miss B and I took a peek over at the new Knitty. Argosy is my favourite and I am contemplating adding Rolling Thunder to my 'one day' list. Adding beads to my socks is something I have wanted to try since seeing some of Donna's socks.

Time for a cup of tea and some knitting I think.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

So many patterns, so little TIME!! (sigh...) Think we can quit our jobs in order to make everything we want? ;)

2paw said...

No!! You may not send me the Thuja socks!! I still have the Blake's 7 socks to finish by Christmas and the Greenery Snickert and in truth I should have started and finished another pair of socks!!!!! 4ply socks take me ages but 8ply just flies!! I like the Monkey socks and I am making a PIggle!!!!!
Happy Thuja Knitting, and I hope you are not too rushed off your Christmas feet. Our school year finishes on Wednesday here, only 2 days to go!!!