Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tubey 2

The final FO for 2006.

Miss B and I spent Friday visiting
Tigers and Miss A. We spent the day knitting in her craft room with her working on her Central Park Hoodie and me on Tubey.
I had cast off by the time I left, but had cast off too loosly and needed to redo the cast off.

I was sent home with orders to finish Tubey as it was so close to being done. What did I do? I came home got distracted and ignored poor Tubey. So today I decided to get it done and I did. Tubey is all done and ready to be washed.

Tigers has got the idea of knitting an afghan planted in my head. I really, really want one and I know I would love it when it's done. I also know how often I change projects and that I am not likely to finish something that big. Doesn't stop me from wanting to try anyway.

I am dreaming of this in a green to go with my lounge.

I am also dreaming of it knitting itself.

And I was dreaming to think I wouldn't want to buy any more yarn.

Well I wont be buying any more yarn this year.

Happy New Years!!!


2paw said...

Wow!! Right at the death knell of the year. I haven't finished my CPH yet. All I need to do is the zip and the sewing together. It is too hot to wear it anyway I tell myself. Yes, I think an afghan is a great idea, especially a green one!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Am looking forward to seeing the completed Tubey. I applaud your ability to knit an aran afghan with your current weather! Have a great New Year!