Monday, June 25, 2007

Mittens Schmittens.......

After finishing the Irish Hiking Scarf I wanted some mittens to go with it.
Sounds logical, even sounds pretty simple.

So why did I spend the weekend knitting a pair of ginormous mittens?

Something to do with ladies mittens not being big enough to not squash fingernails and me totally underestimating how much bigger mens mittens are.

No wonder I like Fetchings so much.........

Monday, June 18, 2007

Letting go

Sometimes a knit just isn't working, you know it but you keep trying anyway. You knit a couple of rows here and a couple of rows there. But the whole time you really aren't enjoying it.
You don't like the look of it, you don't like how it feels and working on it has become a chore.

Yet if you put it aside and work on things you enjoy, you feel guilt. You know it really wouldn't take long to finish if you just worked on it.

The knit has become more than a chore, it has become a burden.
Something that sits quietly in it's basket niggling at you and taking away the pleasure of knitting.

Realistically this is only my own expectations of what I should make, should finish and how long something should take me to do that is niggling at me.

Yes, I could work on that scarf, I could finish it and it probably wouldn't take that long.
But I am not enjoying it and knitting is meant to be fun.
I really don't know why I have so much trouble admitting when something isn't working, why I have to keep trying and trying.

Yarn can be un knitted.
It can be rewound.
It goes back in the stash all too easily. Once you start. Bye Bye lace scarf.

So winding and placing yarn back into the stash happened yesterday creating space for something I want to work on. Something I have wanted to make since I first discovered blogland.

The Irish Hiking Scarf.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

UFO Update

I seem to have gotten over the sniffly cold just in time for C to share his viral thingy with me.

Blah, there are times when sharing is NOT a good thing.

To distract myself from feeling crappy I went through the knitting basket and had a look at the UFO's.

Mistake ridden shawl which I just don't want to knit anymore = May's Frogged Project

Next up is the lace scarf.
C keeps making comments about this looking like his Nanna's curtains.

I already have doubts about this scarf. It was gfoing to be for someone else but I am really not loving it and I don't know that they will.
This may become June's frogged project.
What do you think?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back to where I started from.....

A few more little projects that snuck their way on to my list.

A grey beanie for C.
Odd decrease placement, but it fits.
This was knit in Liza Leo, which is an alpaca, linen, wool blend.
It sounds nice but is is horrible to work with and seems to go out of shape as you knit it.
I have some more of this yarn but I have a feeling it will be returned to the store.

Something I am much happier with is how well Miss B's Mittens turned out.
Made with Totem yarn that I snaffled for $1 a ball. Sometimes it pays to look under the clearance table.

And now, maybe I can pay some attention to the cleckheaton jumper.

Or maybe something else will jump out and distract me.............

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Unravelling is what you spend your time doing once you go back and look at any knitting you did while you had a cold.

The cleckheaton counrty silk jumper was almost done. Front, back and both sleeves were knit.

I got ready to seam and looked at the pieces again. Something was wrong.
It looked a little........... short.

Yep, I had forgotten to add the extra length I normally add to anything I want to actually wear. With my head all clogged up I had blindly followed the pattern and was left with something that would probably even have been too short for Miss B.

So riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip it went, back to the armhole shaping.

Casting on isn't such a great idea when your head is all clogged up either. It involves counting........

So last night I cast on, yet again.
This time it is mittens for Miss B.

Monday, June 04, 2007

I had planned........

Last week

I had planned on having the Country Silk jumper all knitted, seamed and finished over the weekend.

I had planned on posting a project spectrum related post.

I had planned on answering Katie's tag for 7 random things.

I had planned on finishing that another sneaky beanie that made it to the list.

I had planned on starting a new project.

What happened instead was

I ended up with a lovely snotty cold type of thing with bonus nausea that makes you feel crappy and unable to think properly.

Miss B spent several days exhibiting teenage behaviour in ways that seemed to take enormous amounts of time and effort to work through. Just what you need when you are already feeling crappy.

I spent a crazy amount of time searching the internet for tafe related purposes, (I swear they hide these things on purpose). Knitting related activities are so much easier to find.

I did manage to cast on a new project. Yep that's it. Cast on is all I did.