Sunday, June 17, 2007

UFO Update

I seem to have gotten over the sniffly cold just in time for C to share his viral thingy with me.

Blah, there are times when sharing is NOT a good thing.

To distract myself from feeling crappy I went through the knitting basket and had a look at the UFO's.

Mistake ridden shawl which I just don't want to knit anymore = May's Frogged Project

Next up is the lace scarf.
C keeps making comments about this looking like his Nanna's curtains.

I already have doubts about this scarf. It was gfoing to be for someone else but I am really not loving it and I don't know that they will.
This may become June's frogged project.
What do you think?


2paw said...

I think you'll need to see it 'on' Hope you are feeling better soon!!

chrisknitz said...

Hey, no fair getting things off the needle by frogging! Now I will be way behind on freeing up needles!

Sorry you don't feel any better. Maybe next year will be a good year?

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I am sorry you're sick. Maybe frogging a project would make you feel better? The scarf does look like the fabric is rough. I think it just needs a pretty lace edge to complement the simple pattern.