Monday, June 04, 2007

I had planned........

Last week

I had planned on having the Country Silk jumper all knitted, seamed and finished over the weekend.

I had planned on posting a project spectrum related post.

I had planned on answering Katie's tag for 7 random things.

I had planned on finishing that another sneaky beanie that made it to the list.

I had planned on starting a new project.

What happened instead was

I ended up with a lovely snotty cold type of thing with bonus nausea that makes you feel crappy and unable to think properly.

Miss B spent several days exhibiting teenage behaviour in ways that seemed to take enormous amounts of time and effort to work through. Just what you need when you are already feeling crappy.

I spent a crazy amount of time searching the internet for tafe related purposes, (I swear they hide these things on purpose). Knitting related activities are so much easier to find.

I did manage to cast on a new project. Yep that's it. Cast on is all I did.


2paw said...

Best laid plans... Hope you are feeling better now. Most everyone I know has had something or other lately. I think casting on is the best you could hope for and you achieved that goal!! Hooray!!

amanda j said...

Oh dear! You just never know what life might throw at you! At least the knitting is predictable. Stab, rap, whee!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Sympathies from a snot-smeared mum - my baby has a very sharing cold!
Enjoy the casting on and the rest can just sit there till you are good and ready!
***cyberspace vibes of vitamin C, chicken soup and large cups of tea***