Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sneaky little things

Just when I thought I had the WIP list under control a few sneaky little things jumped in front of the que.

First was C's Brown Beanie.

This is the second one of theese I have made for him and somehow I made this one a little too short. ( Avoiding ribbing......... no not me........)

So now it is fixed.

Next was another beanie, this time for Miss B.

I figured if she is going to run off with my scarf she may aswell have a beanie to go with it.

Only thing is, now thats it's done, it really doesn't go with the scarf. Ah well.
At least it will be warm.

Back to my knitting

The start of the roll neck jumper

using Cleckeaton Country Silk in the berry colour.

I can't decide if I like this or not. Some days I really like the brightness and other days I have no idea what I was thinking.
The bits throughout are bigger than I was envisioning and I tend to think it looks a bit worn out and 'bitsy' without even being finished.

On the upside it is really nice to knit with and I have someone waiting to claim it if I hate it when it's done.

Isn't mum nice? She is making a blanket just for meeeeeeeeee.


Donna said...

I've got a bag of the Country Silk in that colour too, for a jumper for me, and I'm the same. Some days I love it, other days not so much!

2paw said...

The Country Silk is beautiful to knit, I have a cardi but I am going to unravel it. Mine is green, of course!! Nice cat blanket!!!

chrisknitz said...

Wow, to have someone yearn for your knitting! Even if it is a cat, or is that a kid?

Rachael said...

I love both the beanies! They look great!

Diane said...

How come every time you lay down knitting it turns into a cat cushion? Happens all the time over here.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hi Jessica! Love the scarf-matching beanie :)
BTW, thanks for saying nice things about the cardi! I am enjoying the challenge of doing it my way :>