Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More FO's

My So Called scarf is done amd I love it. Unfortuantely so does Miss B.

The only good thing about her liking it is that I have an excuse to make another one for myself.
That would involve buying more yarn, what a pity.

Also done are Dashing.

These I'm not so sure about.
I think it's the extra length on the arms , it feels weird.

Slowly my WIP list is going down and it feels good to not have so many projects hanging over my head.
As much as it was fun to cast on the second I found something I wanted to make, having so many projects going at once became a burden.
I felt pressure to work on this, and then, no I should be working on that.
It just took all the fun out of knitting and I found that really hard to accept.
For me knitting has always been fun and when it wasn't....... I felt a bit lost.

So for now I will keep working on those WIP's and add a frogpond item to the rotation every now and again.

Although I really, really would like to cast on for the Ribby Pullover.................


amanda j said...

Ooh, they match nicely. I haven't tried the so called scarf recipe. Is it easy?

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I hear your dithering on the WIPs vs Wannas - so many things half-done, ready to start, needing one sleeve or whatever, but none as interesting as the latest cool pattern siren-calling from your magazine or compscreen :)