Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mum's socks are done!!!

I would love to say that these were finished and gifted on the weekend in time for Mum's birthday, but they weren't. I finished grafting the toes and sewing in ends just now.

Kit pretending she wasn't about to sit on the socks

Throw some ribbing into my knitting and it slows me down a lot.
3X1 rib in Cleckheaton Marino Bambino. Soft and machine washable.

Now the dilemma is do I post them and hope they get to her tomorrow?

Remember this is Australia Post we are talking about.

Or do I hold onto them so I can give them to her in person if we manage to catch up this weekend.

I have visions of her dropping in and me having nothing to give her because I posted it.


1 comment:

chrisknitz said...

Kit almost looks as if the brightness of the socks is too much to bear. Look away!

I say hold the socks for ransom and make Mom come and get them!