Wednesday, July 01, 2009

1 Step foward 2 Steps back.

While waiting for Rogue to dry I decided to pick up something from the WIP pile to work on.

Cobblestone seemed like a good choice seeing as it is mostly done and I could do with another finished jumper with the weather we have been having.

So I picked up from where I left off. Or where I thought I had left off. - Attaching the sleeves to the body again.

This was when I realized what the problem with the sleeves had been before. Not that I had just knit one way too long but that one was knit a size M and the other was a size L. The super huge sleeve has been frogged and restarted.

It's raining again now and I am really wishing I had a few more of these WIP's finished.

What WIP have you had sitting around the longest?