Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It is bad enough that my last shade card from this place went missing.
( I think someone hid it from me in an effort to prevent yarn purchases and just so they know, no it didn't prevent yarn from finding a new home here).

A new shade card was sent out and drooled over and so far I have been resisting.

But now they have done it.

Bendigo Woolen Mills have an online store.

I don't think I can resist anymore.


2paw said...

Resistance is Useless!!!

chrisknitz said...

You must resist! Unless it's Alpaca, and then you must indulge to your hearts content! I had a look myself the other day at that Alpaca. Yummy!

amanda j said...

Ah yes, life is now complete!

Rachael said...

Thank you for posting Bendigo Store link (or should I say damn you)!!