Sunday, April 29, 2007

Knitterly guilt?

I was reading I heart knitting where Amanda mentioned wanting a scarf from a store, but not feeling that she should not buy it as she knits, she could make one. She probably wouldn't ever make it, but she could.

I do this too.

I walk around in stores and see jumpers/ sweaters/ scarves that I figure I could make better/ a little longer/ cheaper/ in a nicer colour. Wool instead of acrylik. For whatever reason, the item stays in the store and I go home dreaming of knitting yet another item for Miss B and my wardrobes.

Thats where it has become a problem as it mostly stays a dream.

There is only so much knitting time in a day and the WIP list insists on growing.
The store bought knitwear in this house is slowly wearing out or being grown out of and since I decided I was smart enough to knit something wearable, these things haven't been replaced as they once would have been.

During the last two weeks while Miss B has had school holidays and was able to wear her normal clothes instead of her uniform I discovered that she has grown. A lot.

Her jumper status , once I remove the ones that now imitate 3/4 sleeve tops, is down to
- 1 school jumper
- 1 other jumper

Eeeeeeeeeeek! Knit faster?? Go shopping??

Do other knitters experience this?

Do you feel that since you now knit, that you shouldn't be buying store bought knitwear?

Is there a place for store bought knits in a knitters home?

Do you suffer knitterly guilt?


chocolatetrudi said...

If I fall in love with a shop-made garment knit in fine yarn I'll buy it, because I can't imagine myself knitting anything (well, anything bigger than socks or a hat, that is) in 4ply or smaller.

As for garments knit in yarn weights I would knit with, I probably wouldn't buy it. Unless it was lace, or intensely cabled or complicated colourwork that I just wouldn't do myself. But I still probably wouldn't buy, because I have an excess of knitwear.

If I found myself suddenly lacking in knitwear, I'd probably sieze the excuse to buy something rather than knit it. It's not like buying something is going to stop me knitting, after all.

Donna said...

I buy 'em all the time. It's cheaper usually, and faster. We were in Supre a while back, and Em kept holding up jumpers saying "You could knit this couldn't you?" and I'd look at the price tag and say "$40? Buy it" ;)

2paw said...

I have knitterly guilt, but I agree with ChocolateTrudi and Donna: if the wool is very fine and the fabric thin, there is no way I could knit it, and if it's on special too, that's a bonus!!!

Nathalie said...

I'd buy it. I jus tbought Ian a Target zip up hooded cardi for $25 less discount. A bargain in my books. Once I add postage to the yarn I'd have to go and buy for it, well, there's your answer right there. I still haven't found anything right for our 2 yo, so I may yet knit her something, but then again, I may just buy something for her also... (her current cardi was a $13 reduced further on a red ticket bargain, a 00 size which was just so big, that it still fits her now...

On the other hand, Ian asked me to knit him a train jumper last winter, and I did. He loves it and wore it constantly over PJ's etc for months. I had to pry it off his back to wash it and that makes me intensely happy...

does that help?

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Oh, I would buy I think - I've got three children and not enough time (and too many blogs to read) to knit for all of them.
And also, there is the fact that to avoid knitterly guilt, you'd have to spend so much time knitting that you'd be setting yourself up for housework guilt, homecooked food guilt, study guilt, 'quality parenting' time guilt, vege gardening guilt....

chrisknitz said...

I still buy knits out in the store. But only if it's a great price and something I know I wouldn't be able to duplicate. But I find it hard to buy ACKrylic anything, so I am fairly limited in knitwear buying. And I too, and seeing a decrease in non-hand knit sweaters in my closet. And I used to have them by the dozens!

Anonymous said...

Yes ! But I reckon that's what an Op Shops for : )
I get the bargains and knit 'cos it
fun and relaxing. I've picked up some fantastic things so thanks to those who donate! I've got to save money to buy more yarn oops food (did I say yarn?)
cheers Tina M

librarylass said...

I'm with everyone else. I've had to buy knits based on necessity. Its getting colder now and I bought myself some cardigans just for the immediacy (and the convenience) of the whole thing. I think there is a time vs convenience vs knowing that knit or bought, there is a high chance that you'll wear it till its not fit to clean cars with.