Monday, April 02, 2007

Things that induce procrastination.

Having to fix mistakes in knitting makes me procrastinate.
Not so much little things like a dropped stitch, but the ripping back and re knitting of sections of knitting. Definately something that can be done later.
While I'm at it I may as well start something new so that "fixing later" becomes even later.
You never know, if I leave it long enough it might just fix itself.

The lastest addidition to the frogpond was Urban Aran.

How did that happen? It was all knit, every last piece.

It was when I tried to sew it all together and I just couldn't get those sleeves to attatch to the body without being incredibly stretched accross the top that I realised something was wrong.

I tried again and again, and each time it came out looking a little worse.

Note: Chibi has resurfaced. Chibi was in the bottom of a bag. Appologies to kit.

Note: Must not always blame the cats.

So after much stretching and attempted sewing I did what I should have done to start with. I measured the sleeve. Ooooops.

That little thing called row guage meant that while the main part of the sleeve was ok, the shaped part on top, yes I know it has a name but I can't think of it right now, was too short.

Way too short.

So last night some ripping was done and the sleeves are back on needles.

I worked out some math that I think will make it all work out.

Then what did I do?


I raided the stash and debated some projects for project spectrum.

Rustic 12 ply yarn in Elm from Bendigo

Patons Jet from Spotlight


Chris said...

Oh this is too funny. You are procrastinating the fixing of Urban. I am procrastinating other things by STARTING Urban! I am using some heavy worsted, what weight is yours? I didn't want to use a bulky weight, and thought I could probably fudge if I can't get gauge with what I have.
It's a Sleeve Cap.

amanda j said...

When you knit there are always ways of procrastinating about everything!! Your Bendigo is lovely, as is the Jet. Any ideas what you will do with them?

Meg said...

Procrastination, I know exactly what it feels like! But that Elm colour from Bendigo is just divine. How could you keep your hands off it?!

Tigers said...

At first I thought you frogged the whole lot!
Luckily you can fix it.
Now turn off the computer and go and finish mean it....go.
Looks good, can't wait to see it.