Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Blogger actually let me in. I have only been trying on and off since 8 am this morning.
I guess blogger felt I had other things to get done first.

I still haven't found my chibi, but I did buy myself a new wool needle from Spotlight.
I grafted the toes and now have two finished pairs of socks.

Thuja socks in Cleckheaton Country - storm colourway.

Patonyle socks in unknown colourway - I lost the ball bands - but it reminds me of candy almonds.

After all this finishing I am really wanting to cast on something new.


2paw said...

You've knitted a whole other pair of socks!! Wow!!! They look great. I like Patonyle.

Diane said...

uuummmmm candy almonds ......

Your socks look great as always.

chocolatetrudi said...

Lol! I thought the same thing as diane. Mmmmmm candy aaaaaalmonds.

It's a lovely colourway - I haven't seen it in Patonyle before.

amanda j said...

Both pairs are lovely. I'm glad you have another needle, now you will probably find your Chibi in the next day or so! Your Thujas look so good - my feet are cold!!