Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something we did in the holidays that wasn't knitting

We dig out an old picture frame.

Ditch the glass.

Drill a heap of holes in the backing.

You could probably just poke holes through with a hammer and nail, but I didn't have any nails and the drill was much more fun.

Glue some fabric over the ugly backing.

Get lazy and decide to paint the frame later.

Put the frame back together and stick earings through holes.

Decide a bigger frame would be better next time, but for now be happy with cheap holiday entertainment and cute earing storage.

Just to add to the knitterly chaos that my loungeroom has become, I decided there was someone else I wanted to make something for. My Mum.

The WIP list multiplied so quickly last week that I really don't think one more will hurt.

Here is kit with the start of some blue socks .

Now just remind me not to give the blog link to my Mum until these are done and gifted.


chrisknitz said...

You will notice the back shaping of CPH is no shaping at all. Find a similar style pattern that has back neck shaping. This means you will cast off neck sts by binding off on one row and then do some decrease shaping at the neck edge 1-2 times. It will make a u-shape at the back neck which will help the shoulders to lay at the shoulders instead of down your back. If you lay a straight edge along your shoulders and behind your neck, it will cause the shoulder line to fall to the back of your shoulders.
Also, do not leave the neck sts live. Bind them off. This will give them a bit more stability and not allow the cable to splay when the weight of the back pulls at it. Another thing to help is to decrease in the center of your cable. It's a cute design, but the designer did not observe any of the rules of cable knitting. You need to decrease in the cables to keep them from spreading far and wide, or at least looking like they are. You also should increase from flat ground into cables at the beginning, but too late for that. Any thing else, just email me chrisknitz at insightbb dot com

Kylie said...

Your kitty is sooooo very cute. I love your project so simple but such a great idea.Looks like you had fun.