Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How Kit earns her keep........

Kit has decided some food shopping needs to be done.

It doesn't look like I will pry myself away from my yarn anytime soon,
she will just have to do it herself.

So she goes hunting.

Can you see what she brings in for diner?

Yep, it's a little lizard.

Yes it is all in one piece, it is just trying to get under the step and away from Kit.

Kit brings them inside quite often and meow's until I go and see what she has decided to gift us with.

Luckily she doesn't eat them or hurt them. Miss B takes them outside and sets them free.

I am grateful that she is only bringing in little lizards and not mice with all their icky germs.


amanda j said...

Our cat manages to get the lizards to drop their tails quite often. Most disconcerting!

Chris said...

I can remember hunting lizards as a kid. No more, thank you very much! They don't go with knitting.