Saturday, April 21, 2007

Funny things happen in school holidays. All the projects I have been thinking about casting on all term suddenly demand that I start them now. So of course I pick something. Something called "My So Called Scarf"

It feels really good to be working on something new.

Then something else happens. We have a few cooler nights and requests start sneaking in.

A brown beanie for one person. A beanie is a pretty small project, I can deal with that.

Miss B decides that if I can knit for that person, then it's about time I started her Central Park Hoodie. She is right, so Central Park Hoodie gets started.

Nanna looked like she would really like to run off with a pair of fetchings last time she was here, so she gets a pair made especially for her, colour chosen by Miss B.

We visit Nanna and drop off her Fetchings . Big grins and squishy hugs follow.

Nanna definately knows how to recieve a handknit and has ensured a place in the "people to knit for" list.

Later that night we speak to Great Grandma, recipitant of the Green Tree Frog Socks ( also on people to knit for list), and she explains that since having knee surgery her knees ache. The Doctor has recommended she keep her knees warm and could I please make her some knee warmers.

Of course I can.

Well, I could if I actually knew what they were.

Something like leg warmers I was imagining.

And this is where I love the internet so, so much.

A pattern. Already there. Exactly what I need. Perfect.

And that is how the WIP list grows.


amanda j said...

All that knitting for others! You are obviously a much kinder person than me!! Although if grandmother's ask for things, who are we to refuse them?

chrisknitz said...

Before I read further I was ready to tell you Sarah has a pattern already. But smart cookie you are, you already knew to google.
One of my customers did a C Park Hoodie. I advised her to shape her back neck instead of keeping the shoulder line straight. If you notice the picture, it tends to pull that shoulder seam to the back of the shoulders. Also, bind off back neck sts, can't remember if they tell you to keep them live. More stability that way. But you may have already considered those adjustments.

Nathalie said...

Thank you very much for the thoughtful gift (Nat here) I've just been to the post office and wanted to thank you straight away, even before I get home and get distracted! (or should I say especially before I get home and get distracted!) I am goingto look out for a very special project for that laceweight! (And would you believe it, but I got the "bad karma" project in the mail as I went to pick up your parcel! will blog shortly and explain everything

Kylie said...

I LOVE this scarf, the colour you picked it just lovely.