Saturday, November 18, 2006

Green Tree Frog Socks

What a difference some sleep and some knitting makes to your perspective on the world.

Buses still suck, but no one said Miss B couldn't ride a bike to school.

Parenting is still hard and should be a job that is shared.

Unfortunately it isn't always shared, thank god for friends and phones.

Essays and presentations are still horrifying, I have one page more done than I did yesterday. ( one more page than none, gulp)

And knitting............ A FO

Green Tree Frog Socks.

These socks are going to live in Queensland with Miss B's Great Grandma.

Great Grandma has green tree frogs that live in the pot plants outside her windows.

And the socks have lots of green....


Donna said...

Speaking of which, I don't suppose you're going to visit Grandma over New Year? Like between Dec 29 and Jan 3? (This is the Bundy Grandma isn't it?)

2paw said...

I love love love the socks!! Lucky Gran(Bundy Gran?????)
Glad a night's sleep made you feel better. I think things always look better in the morning, but why do other things have to be difficult in the first place???
My friends are all writing reports...they have a count down: 1 down, 31 to go!!! Happy assignmenting!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your green tree frog socks! Would you tell us which wool you used, what pattern and also about the top edge it looks like a decorative finish. I am just learning to knit socks but I am becoming ambitious and was looking on the internet for inspiration. Thanks for posting your knitting very inspiring. Zoe.

Jessica said...

Hi Zoe,

The yarn was a self striping sock yarn previously available at Lincraft here in Australia. I am sure there are similar yarns available elsewhere.

The pattern is a basic sock pattern with a heel flap, I just increase the cast on to 72 sts to allow for our wider feet.

The edging is a picot edging. Knit four rows plain,
next row k2tog, yo all the way round.
Knit four rows plain.
Next row knit cast on stitches together with stiches on needle. ie. knit a cast on stitch and a needle stich together, all the way round.

There are probably better instructions on how to do this online.

Good Luck with the sock knitting.