Friday, November 17, 2006

On envy

A bus company recently shuffled our bus services around "to be more beneficial to more people".

My bus no longer goes past the 3 schools it previously went past. One of the major factors in deciding on which high school to send Miss B to next year.

Now to get to a school that previously took one bus and less than ten minutes to get to, she will have to catch two busses with about 25 minutes in between. She will have to wait in a place I am uncomfortable with her being alone in and it will end up taking an hour if not a little longer to get there.

Tell me how this is a better service???

After calling them and being told the old bus route will not be reinstated and that there had been no complaints ( what was my call then??) they were unable to tell me how I was meant to actually get Miss B to school in a reasonable amount of time, on time and safely. So much for customer service.

As far as no complaints......... that would be because most people would be sending their complaints to another bus company instead, not realising that first bus company are the ones in control of the changes. ARGH!!!

I am filling out my SATAC form for tafe next year and have just realized that the course goes for longer than I had previously thought and I am really wondering if I can do it.
I don't know if I can keep up with the essays and deadlines and assignments and fitting in things around Miss B.

Next year I will be studying at a different campus with different class times.
I don't know if I will be able to be home for her after school how I have managed to be so far.

I am tired, tired of constantly juggling, tired of feeling I am not spending enough time with Miss B,tired of doing homework, tired of feeling I should be doing more.

And then I read a post. It mentions how hard parenting is when their partner is away.

And I giggle.

And giggle.

And laugh.

A little bit evily.

And really, really envy this person the support they have in raising their children.

And envy the time they have at home with their children.

And envy the choices they have.

And envy the knitting time they have.

And the time at home with the children.

And the knitting time.

And and and...........

And then of course reality kicks in and I have to acknowledge that of course I am just having a crap day and am feeling sorry for myself.

I have no idea on everything that goes on in their life and so of course am only basing this envy on my perception of the bits of their life they choose to share in their blog.

Who knows, maybe there are some days ( days that yarn follows me home perhaps) that someone out there envies me....


2paw said...

Oh, you poor thing. Here they've just stopped a disability door to door public bus service. It sounds so stupid. What are they thinking?? They are the Yes Minister Bus Company, without the passengers they'd do just fine!! Hope a good night's sleep makes the moring look brighter!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I know what will cheer you up. Just think of this thought: my day is only beginning. :( Oh, and I am sending out your goodies today. ;) Hope the rest of your evening is better!

Rachael said...

I know how you feel. Looking after a toddler by myself... I'm always tired and cranky (with no time to knit)!