Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Catching up?

I wasn't quite up to going to knitting in the Library/gardens on Sunday and after reading the group posts it didn't seem many were going anyway.
So I spent the afternoon with Tigers and Miss A, knitting outside in the sun.
Miss A and Miss B went off and watched dvd's while Tigers and I attempted to not get chocolate cake on our knitting.
I have to say catching up with Tigers at home was very enjoyable. There was no expensive hot chocolate or mouldy cheesecake to worry about and the girls had fun. Neither of them started on the "I'm bored/ can we go now?" thing that usually seems to happen at some point when we knit elsewhere. If anything they wanted to play longer.

I have been fighting with my computer for weeks and it has been going slower and slower , with more and more pop ups jumping about all over the place. It decides to just stop at the most inopportune times and I cant open or shut pages , usually when I have just found something I have been looking for.
So today I downloaded and installed the free avg antivirus and spyware software.
I ran the scans.......... 1208 files were infected. No wonder it wasn't going very well. Surprising it went at all actually.
Now it seems to be running really well, lets hope it stays that way.

This is what I finally gave in and attempted yesterday

It was 200 gms of white 4 play yarn, now it's just pretty.


Tigers said...

Yay, you tried dyeing.
Lots of fun isn't it and your yarn looks beautiful!

Did you manage to dye any part of your house - I always find afterwards that I've accidentally dyed the table, the bin, the floor.....

Frances said...

Love the blue/purple yarn - delicious! Miss seeing your great projects (& Tigers) in Real Life so look forward to catching up at future Ktog.

Lynne said...

Pretty blue/purple yarn! Very nice.
Hope you are feeling better after the surgery.

Mary said...

Nice job on the yarn! Beautiful colors!

May I suggest installing a free software firewall? Google "ZoneAlarm" and download and install that. It's great, and will help block hostile attacks on your computer. The basic version works fine for me, so don't bother paying for the Pro unless you want the extras.

Debby said...

What pretty yarn! I love the colors.