Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On my coffee table

My cofee table is a mess!

Trying to find the remote under all the yarn and half done projects is a challenge.

First up is Tubey , so far I have done the back and most of one sleeve. It's actually a lot more green than blue.

Then there's a sock with the heel flap knitted. Behind it is a closer interpretation of Tubey's real colour.

This tangled mess is the tea pot mat. 1/3 of a row and a cast off to go. Blah procrastination.

The start of Shedir. Blue Rowan Calmer, so so soft. I may find this a little hard to part with.

And Sizzle which for some unknown reason is looking increadibly grey on my computer. It's actually a dark charcoal, not quite black.

Funny, everything is blues, greens and blacks at the moment. Where did all the pinks and purples go???

What is on your coffee table???

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Ha! I am not sure if you want to really know what is on my giant ottoman (coffee table), but here goes:

4 gallon-sized plastic freezer bags with projects, one of the projects is my Dutchicans baby bath robe
a loose skein of Marks and Kattens Feelings in the dark purple/opal coloring
3 remotes
an almost empty bag of dried cranberries for the bunnies
and my husband's dying laptop strapped down to its docking station with twist-ties on a cutting board

How's that for some "stuff on my coffee table"?