Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's time

Oh and look blogger is playing nice today.

The finished opal striped socks. I love how these turned out.

The fourth pair of Fetchings

Time I stopped being scared and at least had a go at seaming up the central park hoodie. All the pieces are just sitting there tormenting me .

Every time I pick up something else to knit I stuff it up and end up frogging. It seems I am not going to make any knitting progress til I do this.

Wish me luck!!!


Donna said...

Good Luck!
Yes, unfinished items haunt any new knitting you try until you just go back and finish the damn things already. Speaking of which, didn't I knit a stripey jumoer a while back? ;)

Tigers said...

Yeah, go and have a go at it, it can always be undone if you don't like the finish.

Then can you seam mine?
Only joking.
Can't wait to see it on you!!