Sunday, October 15, 2006

Halfway there

After a ridiculous amount of time spent procrastinating, I managed to actually pick up the pieces of central park hoodie. With books in front of me that really didn't explain how to attach the sleeve to the body I fudged about and came up with something I am reasonably happy with.

Once I got past the curved part and on to the straight parts all the bits I had been reading about seaming suddenly made some sort of sense. I now have one sleeve attatched and seamed and one side seam done.

The seam went a bit wonky when I got to the ribbing so I think I am doing something wrong there. I am going to un pick that part and try again.

And wow, seaming takes soooooooooo long. Who would have thouht???


2paw said...

Love the Opal socks!! I am still avoiding sewin up the CPH and putting in the zip. I am meant to be finished by Tuesday. I wish us both luck!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Ugh, seaming makes my stomach knot up! When I knit up another sweater, I just may use a LYS' services and have someone do the professional seaming for me. Yes, I am lazy! But I also know that the time and aggravation (not to mention sloppy look) would be well worth it.