Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A knitter without a row counter.........

My mum has knit forever.

Ok, not forever, but since she was five.
I don't remember a winter that she didn't knit while I was growing up.
She doesn't knit as often now, work takes away knitting time, but when she does find time her work is beautiful, especially her aran jumpers.

In all the years I have watched her knit I have never seen her use a stitch marker like what are used now, it was always just a scrap of yarn.

So I made her a set of stitchmarkers and also included one with a row counter attached. I figured she probably already had one but figured it wouldn't hurt to have another. I know I like having extra for when I start yet another project.

But no, Mum has never had a row counter either.

I am now wondering what other knitting gadgetry has Mum missed out on.

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2paw said...

I think my mum had a twisty row counter, but I never use a counter or stitch markers. I just knit stitch markers into whatever I am making. They become beaded embellishments!!! What a nice present for your mum!!