Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Coming or going?

It seems I don't know what I am doing....... I am flitting from project to project and dropping one to cast on yet another. I can't seem to make up my mind. I started something else.

Another pair of Fetchings, this time in Cleckheaton country silk. This is the first one and it still needs a thumb.

My knitting behaviour seems to be reflecting my state of mind in other areas too. Unsettled and debating the decisions I have made as well as the ones I need to make.

Miss B started High School today, she went off all on her own and suddenly seems quite grown up. ( Don't remind me I said that when she is overtired at the end of the first week and starts behaving like a two year old.)

I enroll in the city on Thursday for my new course. I start next week. New course, new campus, new people, new everything and all very scary.

Moving on from a relationship that was rather toxic. It left me drained physically and mentally and generally made me feel crappy. I kept holding on longer than I should have, I guess I was hoping I was wrong and that things were OK.... but they are not.

You get comfortable being with someone when you have been with them for a few years and it's scary to suddenly be on your own again.
Although being single is having it's advantages.... no one hogging the computer, no one complaining about the amount of yarn I purchase or how many projects I start.

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2paw said...

Lovely green Fetchings. First day of school....not matter how old they are it is a day of note!!!