Saturday, December 03, 2005

Slow socks

Jaywalker's are growing so slowly still. I'm not sure why this is as everyone else's Jaywalkers seem to be flying along.
The pooling has stopped and the sock is looking very pretty. Maybe that's why it's not growing....... I keep looking at it instead of knitting it.
It's also the fact that after having tried the sock on, I have found that everyone is right, the sock is a tight fitting sock......DUH! It will still fit but not with as much give as I am used to my socks having. If I were to make another pair I would definately make the larger size. I am dreading the thought that Miss B may realistically be able to claim these socks as her own.
I really don't think Grumperina's plan when making these socks was for the finished product to be used to slide across wooden floors.

1 comment:

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