Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knitting continued

Cara over at January One has added me to the Jaywalker kal. The Jaywalker socks are growing, just very slowly. Something to do with assignments being due. I am up to the gusset decreases and I'm not sure if I like the pooling that seems to have appeared. I am hoping it will look better once I get further into the foot.

I have finished the blue/brown self striping socks and Miss B is now loudly saying she wants me to actually knit something for her. She wants socks and she wants them now!!! What she doesn't know is that I already planned on making some for her but am trying to hide them from her. I want it to be a surprise.

Bliss over at
I Hide Yarn is having a birthday so go over and say Hiya. And Bliss, Miss B and I have a little something here for you. E mail me with a snail mail addy.

After me telling Miss B about Yarnharlot's entry with her daughter using dpn's, Miss B decided she wanted to try them.
Not a complete success but not as totally unco-ordinated as I was with them at first either.

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