Friday, November 25, 2005

40 minutes

Is how long it took me to cast on and knit ONE row!
I was casting on for a pair of Jaywalker socks on the addi and it just really didn't want to happen. I seem to be casting on extremely tight and therefore totally struggle with the first row.
Having now knit the first twelve rows of rib it seems that it would be totally possible to knit a pair of ribbed socks on the addi after all. Unfortunately ribbing and my hands don't like each other. My hands are already so sore I don't think much more knitting will get done today.
I did manage to knit the first pattern repeat and totally stuff it up, seems I cant count at 6am for some reason.

Donna suggested I join the sock it to me summer kal so yep I have and the Jaywalker socks will be the first ones to be a part of this if I can remember how to count.

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Mary said...

What kind of cast-on did you use for the first version of your Jaywalkers? Did you use the same cast-on for your newest version, and if so, did you have better luck with it?