Saturday, November 19, 2005

What the boss does on his day off

Yep he sends me more pictures of my knitting. :)

Firstly we have a completed fuzzy foot along with a normal sized sock to show just how huge the fuzzy foot really is.

Then we have C's beanie which he sometimes sleeps in.... it isn't cold here, guess he likes it.

Next is the pair of huge gigantic fuzzy feet that were so big they really didn't want to fit in the picture.

Now for the scarey part....... felting.
Will they felt enough and become smalll enough to actually wear? Or will they become oversized, weird cat toys?

I spent some time showing Col how to use power point, he has now learnt how to apply music throughout his slideshow and set the timings on each slide............. no more clicking each slide for him!
If only he was as quick a learner when needles and yarn are involved.

Once I got home there was a nice lil envelope waiting for me. My Addi needles had arrived, my 30 cm Addi's that every yarn store I called in Adelaide said " 30 cm circulars? Nope they don't exist." Guess who will be taking her Addi's to yarn stores to prove them wrong.

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