Monday, November 07, 2005

Do Australians Knit?

Apparently not according to how many stalls were allocated to knitting at the craft fair.
5 stalls. That's it. 5
Actually one of those was for crotchet.
One was for machine knitting.
One was a display by the handknitters guild.
One was a display by the spinners guild.
And there was only one measly little stall where you could actually buy yarn.
All the other gazillion stalls had either fabric or sewing machines or both.

Admittedly it was a Quilting and craft fair but sheeeeeeesh. That's just pathetic.
One lonely little yarn stall that offered very little in real yarn. Lots of novelty crap. If I am going to buy novelty crap I will go to Go Lo and buy it for 50 cents a ball, not $15.
But the one redeeming feature of this lonely stall was the needles. They sold Addi's. Yep Addi's. Whoot! I have finally seen an Addi in real life and not just in peoples blog pictures. Guess what....... That sneaky little Addi followed me home along with a ball of sock yarn.

Even better, the lonely little stall has a store in Australia where I can order more needles and pay by money order. Yep I am one of those strange people who as much as I love my internet I am not going to be putting any account details out there. So off to the post office to get me a money order I go.

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