Saturday, November 26, 2005

A frogging expedition.

Yep those Jaywalker socks I spent an incredibly ridiculous amount of time casting on for, knitted the ribbing, knitted about 5 repeats and it just wasn't right. The yarn wasn't right for the pattern. The yarn is definitely variegated, but a little too much so. No lovely zigzag stripping happening here, just mottled splodges of colour that looked a lot nicer in the ribbing than in the pattern.
So it all got frogged. C looked on horrified at first, he hasn't ever seen me deliberately undo knitting before. Then he wanted to undo it. Watching him pull the sock undone was like watching a little kid, he liked frogging. I finished winding up the yarn and C turns around and says "Can you knit something else I can undo? Can I undo that other sock you have half done in the loungeroom?"

What the????

Shall we just say man bits were seriously threatened and half done socks are safe.

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