Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On Knitting Gloves in the round

I love it, it gets rid of the giant, huge, monstrous seam down the side. Can you tell I don't like seaming???
What I don't like is remembering to convert every second line of the pattern seeing as it was written to be knit flat.
Not that it's really hard, because it's not. Just distracting to try and remember while you are watching TV.
You look up at the next add break and realize you have been following the pattern for flat knitting again and have to rip back...... again.
I ended up writing out the pattern for in the round on paper instead so I could just knit and not have to really think. Much better and the glove is now looking like it should. Now I just need to add some fingers and a thumb and try not to leave any gaps between the fingers.

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nigel said...

hi jessica my name is Nigel Weysom
and i found your blog thru juicyfruiter i cant say that im into knitting but chocolate is good