Sunday, January 08, 2006

Excuses Excuses

This is why I haven't been knitting......... I've been too busy shopping for yarn and drooling over yarn to actually knit any.
I spent a week in Melbourne where unfortunately many of the yarn stores I tried to visit were rather rude and closed over the holiday break. Didn't anyone tell them they were supposed to be open just for me?

My favourite would have to be sunspun where I raided the gorgeous kidsilk haze in liquer. It's definately as beautiful in person as everyone has ever said it is. I haven't decided what I will knit with this yet. I am thinking some kind of lacy shawl, something like birch perhaps although I'm really not keen on tracking down a book for one patern. Any suggestions are definately welcome.

There is also a ball of Calmer in there as well as some Opal sock wool, blue and grey with sparkles. The yellow, pink and blue ball is Jigsaw sock wool and destined for Miss B's feet whenever she decides to give up her feralness* after visiting her dad for two weeks.
* Feralness refers to the attitude, answering back, rudeness and basically ignoring everything I have asked her to do since she walked in the door last night. She hasn't even been home a full 24 hours and I am seriously considering sending her back.

The orange, purple and green is a discontinued colour of patonyle as is the odd ball of purple,green and mustard. This last one matches the odd ball I had left after making my jaywalkers.
I can only try and describe the store I found the discontinued colours in. It was small, with lots of cubbyholes. All the cubbyholes were full, like any other yarn store so far. But then you walk past the first shelf of cubbyholes to the next one and between the 2nd one and the third shelf you find yourself stuck. You can't get to the last shelf of yarn because on the floor is even more yarn. Not just little baskets of sale yarn or special yarn. Not even a box or two. No. This was a pile of yarn. A huge ginormous pile of yarn. Bags and bags of yarn all sealed in their plastic bags piled up on top of one another.
The pile was up to my waist and about a metre and a half square. It looked like someone had dropped off a huge box of yarn, taken the box away and left the yarn still in the square shaped pile. And this yarn was old. I'm sure it was so old that not even the lady running the store could have told you was at the bottom.

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Barbara said...

Hey, I didn't know you'd started a blog! Good on ya. ; ) If you're still searching for a shawl pattern for that Kidsilk Haze, wait til the next issue of Yarn. Several to choose from. Hope you enjoy.

Also hope to see you at one of our weekend meets coming up in the Botanic Garden...!