Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Socks , socks, socks

Why is it with all the things I could be knitting all I want to knit are socks? I can't even wear them for months and months as it's too hot. But still I want socks. The ones that are calling me lately are the 'go with the flo socks' from interweave knits summer 2005. If anyone has a copy of this I can borrow ,trade, or buy, let me know. I seemed to somehow miss that issue but end up with two copies of the fall 2005 issue.( Mumble something about mean newsagents who don't get knitting magazines in)

Adelaide Knitters
There is a meet on Sunday at the Botanical Gardens from 2 til 5pm meeting at the kiosk.

Yay, finally something I will be able to attend as their wednesday night meetings are just way too impractical. Transport, traveling at night, Miss B, School Night ......... yeah it just doesn't work. So it will be great to meet up with other knitters instead of stalking anyone even remotely looking at yarn in a store.

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