Thursday, January 12, 2006

1 year = lots of socks

Like many others I have been reviewing the completed objects in my side bar.

* Purple Scarf
* Debbie Bliss Aran Lace Scarf
* Feathers scarf - Gift

*Black Beanie 1- C
*Black Beanie 2 -C
*Grey Beanie 1 - C
*Grey Beanie 2 - Gift
* Brown Beanie - C

* French Market Bag

* B's Mittens

* Purple Fuzzy Feet - Gift
* Pink Fuzzy Feet (mine all mine :)
* Blue not just bootie socks - Gift
* Purple Zhivago Socks - Gift
* Pink Zhivago Sock Pal Socks - Gift
* Orange Socks - B
* Blue Socks
* Blue Stripe Socks
* Grey Socks
* Pink Cleckheaton Socks
* Pink Retro Ribby Socks
* White Cozy Wool Socks
* Blue/ Brown Striping Socks
*Jaywalker Socks
*Green Socks
*Orange Secret Socks -B

13 Pairs of socks

Looks like 2005 was the year of the sock.

I seem to really have trouble finishing bigger items. I either get bored with them way too quickly or they require more effort and concentration than I am able to produce after a day of studying. I envy those knitters out there who have a years worth of jumpers and intricate work. Having said that I think 13 pairs of socks is a pretty good effort considering how much time I actually get to knit. Who knows, maybe this will be the year I actually finish a jumper.

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